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A Favorite for Hobey? and the Big Finish

Brian: Mike Eidelbes of ESPN's Sports Nation has Nathan Gerbe as the early favorite for the Hobey Baker, and we are now ranked #9 in the Power Ratings. Jeff, I know you can't follow hockey down south, but thing are looking up for BC hockey yet again this year, right?

Jeff: Earlier in the season there were a lot of losses and ties instead of wins on the men's hockey schedule. I am happy to see the team has successfully turned the season around.

Jeff: Hockey this weekend. BC men's hockey travel to Lowell tonight for a night game against surprising UMass-Lowell. Then they come home Saturday to finish off the HE season series against Boston University. Predictions?

Brian: Lowell will be a tough game, but a game we will ultimately win. An OT win against Lowell tonight, followed by a convincing win and sweep of the BU Terriers on Saturday.

Brian: BC men's hoops travels to Charlottesville, VA for tomorrow's ACC game against Virginia Peer into your crystal ball, will the Eagles push it to 4-0 in conference?

Jeff: My earlier prediction had the Eagles losing this game. But, Virginia Tech was able to go into Charlottesville and win so no reason why the Eagles can't.

Jeff: Brian, did you watch American Gladiators this week? Think any of them are juicing?

Brian: I did watch American Gladiators. According to the New York Post, the Gladiators are tested for roids (I remain skeptical). As an aside, here is my tip to our readers when watching American Gladiators. Tape/DVR/Tivo it and fast foward through any segments with Hulk, Ali or the human interest parts. All I want is unadulterated assault and powerball, please.

Brian: Last one, AFC and NFC championship games on Sunday, Boston College alumni playing in both games. Make a prediction and try not to be too big of a homer.

Jeff: I am going to go with the Packers over the Giants in a game where they score at least 30. Tough to tell what will happen in the AFC because of injuries. If healthy, the Chargers are certainly better than just about every team in the NFL and would be quite a test for the Patriots.

Brian: I'm saddened that you aren't picking my home team, Jeff. Of course, my homer pick of the weekend would be Giants in a close one over the Packers, 17-13. Patriots big over the Chargers, 45-21. Rivers is a punk. Even if he plays, the Chargers will lose BIG.