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Win Over Vermont and the Big Finish

Jeff: BC hockey beat Vermont 4-1 Wednesday night in the rare televised game. Your thoughts?

Brian: Good win in Hockey East. Junior forward Brock Bradford was back (first game since Oct. 12) and scored a goal and an assist. Great to have him back. Let's finish off the season series tonight in Vermont.

Brian: A nice piece on American River College transfer Codi Boek in today's Boston Globe. Great story. Seems like a genuine 'BC Guy.'

Jeff: Paul Peterson was married, Codi Boek has had to deal with a lot in the last year, they both went to Junior Colleges. I hope the there are more similarities we discover next season.

Jeff: Jared Dudley comments on the loss to Robert Morris and stays positive, pointing out some of the good wins the team has had this year. "But they’ve had some good wins already this year. They beat Rhode Island, and Rhode Island was ranked, and they won down at Maryland, so there have been good things."

Brian: Also, Dudley's return to Boston Wednesday ended up being a surprising win for the Bobcats over the Celtics.

Brian: Rich Gunnell, Jamie Silva, Matt Ryan, and Boston College took up four of the top 100 stars of the bowls according to Somehow, Silva was behind Ryan. So clearly the list was not formulated strictly on bowl performance.

Jeff: Silva should've been higher on the list. Like top 50.

Brian: Last one - Wake Forest (11-3, 1-0), coming off a win vs. BYU, travels to Chestnut Hill tomorrow for a men's bball game at 4pm. BC has lost two straight. Make a prediction?

Jeff: I think Boston College will bounce back and get a win. They will make it very interesting though rather than easy on themselves I'm sure.