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Headlines: Bowl News from Orlando

Brian: Here is the Champs Sports Bowl preview from Jeff, let’s start out with the bowl winning streak, which currently stands at 7 and is tied for the longest in the nation (Utah won its seventh in the Poinsettia Bowl). How important is it today to push the bowl win streak to 8 straight?

Jeff: Very important. This streak can not be broken by a 7-5 Michigan State team in a year the Eagles are looking for 11 wins. That would kill momentum for recruiting from this great season. Right now Utah’s streak includes a BCS win and I think is very impressive. BC needs to push the streak to 8.

Brian: Good point about the Utah BCS bowl win. In my eyes, the bowl streak is somewhat cheapened by the fact that we have played in second and third tier bowls when we deserved to play tougher opponents. The polar opposite of this is Notre Dame’s bowl winless streak. They end up playing in bowls they have no business competing in. But don't get me started on the college football playoff system. Still, the BC streak is impressive and I hope it continues today.

Brian: On the plane from New York, I was subjected to the Big Ten Network coverage of the Bowl. They seemed to really be slurping the Michigan State rushing attack. They average 42 rushes a game and over 200.3 yards/game on the ground. They appear to be more committed to the rush than other teams we have faced this year. BC goes into the bowl with the #1 statistical rush defense. So in the battle of the unstoppable force vs. the immovable object, break down the Michigan State rushing output today.

Jeff: Jo-Lonn Dunbar said "Michigan State’s running game has to be the best we have seen so far this year". I would’ve thought Clemson’s running game is at least comparable with Davis and Spiller. The game plan is to stop the run first today. I am not worried. I think Michigan State barely breaks 100 yards rushing if that.

Brian: I am not worried about the Spartan rush attack. Even if they rush for 150-200 yards, I think we still win this game. I think the key battle will be the MSU wide outs vs. the BC secondary. If the Spartans can keep the BC secondary honest, it might be a close game.

Jeff: A few weeks ago, we both predicted more than 5,500 BC fans to be at the game today. Wanna change your prediction since we’ve seen very few BC fans since checking into our hotel?

Brian: If there are more than 5,500 BC fans here, they couldn’t be seen yesterday. One other guy on the plane was wearing BC gear. Just one. If you Eagles fans are here in Orlando, wear your BC gear. Be loud. Be proud. At least give the city of Orlando and Michigan State fans the perception that there are lots of us here.

Jeff: The game does not start until 5pm versus a 1pm start in Jacksonville, a lot of fans could still be getting in this morning. I’m going to stick with my prediction because we did not see a ton of Michigan State fans either and we know Michigan State will have 15,000+.

Brian: Last one, Jeff. Make a prediction on today’s game.

Jeff: 38-17 BC wins.

Brian: 42-28 BC wins in a shootout. BC and Ryan break all sorts of school records today.