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Back from Orlando and the Big Finish

Big Finish

Brian: BC extends its bowl winning streak to 8 games, best in the country. Your thoughts?

Jeff: How many times do we need to cover this? It would’ve been a bigger deal if we lost to an inferior Michigan State team. Game was not as close as final score indicated. Having the bowl winning streak gets us some extra press which is great.

Brian: I am happy to have ESPN and the media slurp the BC bowl winning streak. Three more bowl victories and we will tie Florida State for the all-time bowl winning streak record.

Jeff: Rich Gunnell had two touchdowns, good sign for next year?

Brian: Excellent sign for next year. Not sure if its going to be Crane or Boek leading the team next year, but either way, our defense will be solid and we will only need to score 20-24 points a game to be in every game next year.

Jeff: I am very excited about next year’s team. Matt Ryan is great but I think Jags being able to implement his system one more year combined with Raji and Toal coming back equals good things for BC football.

Jeff: Brian, there were way more than 5,500 maroon or gold shirts in the stands, I was pumped, but we haven’t seen any official attendance stats yet. Does this help our future bowl prospects?

Brian: It helps somewhat. It will be really important if we end up in Nashville, San Francisco or Boise next year to build on this year’s bowl attendance.

Brian: Jeff, you placed your grill underneath the car like you did at Clemson. When you came back, it wasn’t there. Will you ever come back to the Champs Sports Bowl and Orlando?

Jeff: I can’t say I will never come back but I am certainly not excited about the prospect and would likely not come back. The Citrus Bowl is in the middle of a bad section of Orlando. While tailgating, someone approached us almost every 15 minutes wanting a free beer or to sell us some piece of shit. It was bad.

Brian: Orlando was not the best of bowl locations. San Francisco, the only other bowl I've been to, was a little better in my opinion (even playing in a baseball stadium). Hopefully we make it to Miami next year.