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Bowls, Men's Hoops and the Big Finish

Brian: ESPN's Lee Corso and Kirk Herbstreit are picking the Spartans over BC in the Champs Sports Bowl. Jeff, you surprised?

Jeff: No, Herbstreit picked against us in at least four games we won this season plus at the beginning of the season he had BC as one of the games he expected Notre Dame to win.

Brian: Herbstreit/Corso/Fowler's lack of respect has really dragged this team down in terms of the National perception of BC football. At least it looks like Stewart Mandel finally gives us some love and has come to his senses on the bowl predictions.

Jeff: Bowl gifts for Champs Sports - $400 to Best Buy. Thoughts?

Brian: I like this. BC and Michigan State get to spend $400 on whatever they want in an Orlando-area Best Buy. Clemson gets a iPod Nano video from the Chick-Fil-A bowl, retail price $199. So we got the better end of the deal finally, right?

Brian: BC football opens the 2008 season vs. Kent State in Cleveland and moved from Thursday night to Saturday. But there is still an open out of conference spot on the schedule (September 13). Jeff, who you scheduling?

Jeff: Wasn't Alabama looking for a game next season? If we play Alabama, I'm there.

Brian: Going into Tuscaloosa in early September would be tough, but they did lose in embarrasing fashion to Louisiana-Monroe this year. Louisville is also looking to fill an open slot and they aren't really a "Big East" team since they joined after BC left the conference.

Jeff: Utah edged Navy last night, props to you for being right.

Brian: You picked with your heart, my man. You will get a chance to even the score though since I picked TCU over Houston as my sentimental pick.

Jeff: Exciting finish though with Navy recovering an onside kick. You were probably sleeping already, old man!

Brian: I was, in fact, sleeping. But I did check my Blackberry and Utah was up 10 with 5 minutes to play.

Brian: Last one, BC Northeastern men's basketball tomorrow afternoon. Make a prediction.

Jeff: BC in a close one against the former BC assistant coach, Bill Coen, in front of 3 or 4 fans.