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Gerbe, Expansion, College Cup, UMass and the Big Finish

Jeff: #15 BC men's hockey junior Nathan Gerbe scores 4 goals Wednesday night in a 7-2 rout of #14 Harvard. Your thoughts?

Brian: Impressive performance, but not nearly as impressive as Brian Gionta's 5 goals in the first period of the 2001 game against Maine. This is still a Hockey East and NCAA record for goals in a period, and to this day I'm pissed I missed it.

Brian: BC's grand expansion plan. Tailgating in 2017: for better or worse?

Jeff: Well Brian, they are adding spots to the Beacon Street garage which will provide more spots on campus but i would rather be tailgating in open air behind St Thomas More. It might not really help or hurt tailgating but overall the expansion is great!

Jeff: NCAA men's soccer College Cup tonight. UMass v. Ohio State, Virginia Tech v. Wake Forest. The Eagles should have been there. Who you got?

Brian: UMass and Wake Forest. It's just a shame that Wake and VTech have to knock each other off. The ACC is by far the best men's soccer conference in the country this year.

Brian: Earlier this week you were all excited about the basketball team. How you feeling now?

Jeff: Still very excited about conference play despite a slightly disappointing loss to UMASS and Maryland also lost to Ohio. But, I know its finals time but still more than 5,000 fans need to come out to see BC play UMASS. We are talking about lack of BC fan support far too often. Some idiot asked Gene about expanding Conte in his online chat this week. Many fans seem to just be completely out of touch with the average BC fan.