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Wishing We Were Still in the Big East? and the Big Finish

Jeff: Dan Cagen of The Heights wrote an article this week basically wishing we were still in the Big East. Dan was in high school when we were last in the Big East. Do we care about Dan Cagen's opinion?

Brian: Well ... not particularly. When you move conferences, rivalries will take time to develop. Don't you think Clemson is a little ticked that they have 3 losses to the Eagles by a total of 7 points in 3 seasons?

Brian: Will Blackmon scores 2 TDs for the Pack yesterday vs. Oakland. Your thoughts?

Jeff: Its always good to see former Eagles do well at the next level. Matt Hasselbeck had a great day yesterday as well.

Jeff: Brian, you traveled from NYC to see 7 football games (Wake, NC State, @ VTech, FSU, @ Maryland, @ Clemson, ACCCG), how many basketball games you going to?

Brian: Isn't this a "rebuilding year"? The @ Maryland game (closest home game to NYC) has come and gone due to the quirks of the ACC schedule. I might get to 1 ... maybe 2.

Brian: Jared Dudley 4 points, 11 minutes in a Piston beat-down of the Bobcats last night. Thoughts?

Jeff: I hope Jared can get more minutes as the season goes on, but does anyone really care about the NBA these days?! Not me.