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Vote For Doug Marrone

It's that time of year again. We did an awesome job of getting Doug Marrone into the finals of the Liberty Mutual Coach of the Year awards last year, so let's jump on this one early this season. Doug's already at 14, and it's a close race. Remember, clearing your cache is your friend.

O Captains! My Captains!

Our 2011 Syracuse Football Captains: Offense: Antwon Bailey Defense: Kevyn Scott ST: Adam Harris Bailey was a no-brainer, but Scott and Harris are pretty interesting selections, especially Harris who has only been on the team for a few years after transferring from Cornell. All three were selected by their teammates after a vote.

Syracuse Lands 3-star TE

Looks like we just picked up Georgia Tight End Joshua Parris. He is a former USF commit, and has offers from Mississippi State, BC, Vanderbilt, Southern Miss, Ole Miss, Virginia Tech, West Virginia and UVA.

Fenway Park Wants College Football, How Bout Syracuse vs. Boston College?

Troy Nunes' Sean fawkin' Keeley tackles dah pawsability of a Bawston College-Syracuse game at holeah dan holy Fenway Pawk.

The latest in Doug Marrone-watching

Did Doug Marrone force longtime Syracuse beatwriter Donnie Webb off the Post-Standard's Orange football coverage? It's just mere message board speculation, but taken into account with the Daily Orange pieces on all the various players kicked off their team in the past year and a half, and Marrone starts to come off as a figure determined to instill a culture of discipline over Syracuse football at the very minimum. Maybe that's what's needed to get over the Greg Robinson era. Marrone's staff supposedly used Webb as a conduit to leak information after first taking over, but there was some critical coverage of Greg Paulus last year IIRC Can't imagine ever seeing anything like that in Piscataway. RU football exercises strict control over practices, but the S.I.D. office is very press friendly. P.S. I wanted to save any discussion of Marrone until final rosters were released for the traditional New Jersey-Northeast Football Classic in Piscataway (which directly succeeded the old Governor's Bowl), as Dougie created the Upstate-Downstate Football Classic in Syracuse as another direct shot across the bow. However, the NJ-NE game has only released partial rosters, and U-D doesn't even have a website (with sparse coverage in the local press). Post some full rosters already so the internet can declare a victor!

Coach P's Home on the Market

This lovely 4 bedroom, 4 bathroom home in the Miami suburb of Weston can be yours for a mere $1.4 million. He must be making pretty good money in the NFL by the way. He used to live in my neighborhood in Syracuse and his house here cost about 1/5 of that one and was about half the size.

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