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Beebe’s 10


Thanks to @maninblack for tracking down the story that Dan Beebe has hired Austin-based firm GSD&M | idea city to help, like, figure out just what the hell this conference is and what to call it. "...

So, What Happened?


I’ve posted on realignment several times over the past few months. I’m no insider, but I am a student of the program’s history, and try to keep up with current trends and influences.  I was right...

Powers Talks Conference Realignment


An interesting piece from the Austin American Statesman on Texas' realignment decision, which rejects some of the buffoonery being promulgated in the media and corrects some misunderstandings held...

Texas AM: The Little Brother Syndrome


One of the more fascinating aspects of the swirling events of the past two weeks has been the machinations coming out of College Station. AD Bill Byrne heads off to a family reunion in Idaho, after...

Byrne-ing Desire?


My new personal hero, the alliteratively-named disgruntled Aggie Roger Rogge, recently sent the following e-mail to Texas A&M Athletic Director "Dollar" Bill Byrne: Hey assholes I am a third...

Details Of The New TV Pact Are Beginning To Emerge


And if the Sports Business Daily has it right, it may not pass the smell test. According to SBD, ESPN has promised not to cut back on its $60 million a year contract, despite having two fewer teams...

Then There Were 10


The Texas Tech Board of Regents made it officials Tuesday afternoon, becoming the 10th and final school to sign on to Big 12 Light. The Red Raiders found out that the Pac 10 offer was a package...

Gameplans Moving Forward


While it appears that the big money boys and power brokers that want to keep the current system in place have managed to plug the hole in the dam for the time being, that certainly doesn't mean...

Texas Didn't Start Conference Realignment Stuff, Texas Finished It


Awesome story about what went down behind the scenes from ESPN and Andy Katz. In an unprecedented move, a number of influential people inside and outside of college athletics mobilized over the...

Ha Ha Ha Ha. Enjoy Pullman, Whorns!!!!


There's much frivolity and asshattery amongst our friends in and of College Station about how AWFUL the Longhorns travel schedule will be in a Pac-16, while A&M will enjoy the easy commute of the...

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