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Memphis Looking To Get Out Of C-USA


UPDATE:It's official, Memphis to Big East beginning in 13'-14'. Officials from both the Big East and the University of Memphis have confirmed that the Tigers will be joining the conference in all sports beginning in 2013. An official announcement is expected to come tomorrow.

Rick Pitino Doubts Louisville Will Leave The Big East


He also says the Big 12 currently has 11 members, so take this with a big grain of salt.

Pitino to Boeheim: "I'll do all the talking"


This story is absolutely hilarious. "I just said, 'I got this. I'll do all the talking,'" Pitino said. "I must have said it 20 times. 'I know everything about this kid. You don't need to talk. I'll do all the talking.'" Pitino begins his spiel, pitching what would make Syracuse a better fit than NC State, another school in the running for Shrigley's talents. He wanted to emphasize that the Wolfpack and coach Norm Sloan had more players at Shrigley's position, so he'd be better served at Syracuse, where there wasn't such a numbers crunch. "So I'm just getting started on the part about NC State and his mother says, 'Yes, I told Norman that,'" Pitino said. "And Jim and I just look at one another. Finally Jim says, 'Do you know Coach Sloan?' She said, 'Yes. He's my brother.' I didn't say a word the rest of the night." Boeheim confirmed the story to O'Neil, saying "We had to pull over after we left the house. Funniest thing I've ever seen. Yeah, 'I'll do all the talking,' he kept telling me."

Ellis Myles' team of 15 yr olds take Adidas Invitational title


And CRP was one of the coaches watching. Good to see a beloved former Card succeeding, as well as to see the connections remain between Coach and players.

2012 G Rodney Purvis Decommits from Louisville


Some Rick Pitino schadenfreude today: highly ranked combo guard Rodney Purvis just decommitted from Louisville. Purvis was very close to ex-UL assistant Tim Fuller. Fuller left to take an assistant coaching position at Missouri. Per Scout, Purvis is still considering Louisville. He also listed North Carolina State, Duke and Kentucky as favorites. Purvis is ranked 8th overall by Scout and 10th by ESPNU. [UPDATE by Glenn]: Louisville fans are understandably less than pleased. I can imagine a much worse reaction if Purvis winds up here.

Louisville fan upset with Rick Pitino during his call-in show


A caller named "Ethan" on the Rick Pitino Call-In Show is upset about the state of the Louisville basketball program. He tells Rick he's frustrated with the bridge year 10 seasons into Pitino's tenure at Louisville. Click the link above to hear the caller's comments and Pitino's response. H/t to KSR for being obsessed with Louisville the link.

Pitino coached well through Sypher mess


ESPN's Eamonn Brennan (who has the same birthday as Jim Thome and I do): Interestingly enough, Shaun Assael, author of new ESPN Insider blog The File*, requested the full testimony from Pitino's embarrassing trial this summer. Why? To check out the more obscure, less salacious details from Pitino's extortion. What did Assael find? In his own words: What it shows is something that hasn't received a lot of attention: Pitino managed to have one of the best seasons of his coaching career while watching his personal life fall apart. The ensuing entry is very detailed and very long, so you should probably just go over and read the whole thing. But the general gist is this: At nearly every successful step of Louisville's undeniably very successful 2008-09 campaign, Pitino was simultaneously coaching his team to big road wins, leading the Cardinals to the top of the Big East tournament and notching a No. 1 seed while at the same time -- oftentimes just minutes before games -- receiving threatening phone calls, envelopes with lists of demands, and even a phone call from Sypher's mother asking why her grandson's car hadn't yet been bought. Yeah. It went there. Anyway, if Louisville fans were worried that last year's doldrums and the coach's previous recruiting drought were products of the Sypher mess, rather than the usual year-after some elite programs go through from time to time, it's probably fair to dispel that notion. The 2009-10 Cardinals had a very good season during the midst of what was perhaps the most intense chapter of Pitino's Sypher story. Apparently the man can multitask.

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