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Rutgers exodus to Tampa continues


This time it's reportedly special teams (formerly defensive line) coach Phil Galiano, and offensive graduate assistant Andrew Janocko (who came in with Frank Cignetti and the other Pitt assistants.) This is just after the staff was seemingly finalized, and now Kyle Flood has to find two new coaches and a grad assistant. Given how close Galiano has been to Schiano professionally, it was frankly a surprise that he did not leave sooner. Maybe the opportunity just materialized. Of course he's qualified to be an assistant DL coach or whatever the role is going to be, but it definitely raises some eyebrows to see Schiano taking so many coaches from Rutgers. Speaking of strange, how peculiar is it that Galiano and Randy Melvin are now on the same staff a year after the former took the latter's job? Rutgers already has a new DL coach mind you, so finding a special teams and/or defensive backs coach (hypothetically, Robb Smith has flexibility to do either) isn't necessarily a huge problem. The bigger issue is replacing Galiano as a solid recruiter in South Jersey. Dave Brock is from the area, but coordinators do not nearly recruit as much as position coaches do. Speaking of Brock, conceivably he could switch to coaching RBs instead of WRs if needed, but that too is pure speculation. Pretty much Rutgers needs to find a South Jersey recruiter if it's not going to be Brock. For the other guy, it could be North Jersey, Eastern PA, Miami, there are a lot of conceivable ways to go. Update: Tom Luicci said Galiano will be assistant ST coach with the Bucs.

Is The Boston College Football Staff Attrition Over?


Dave Brock and Ben Sirmans to Rutgers? Ryan Day to Temple? Is The Boston College Football Staff Attrition Over?

Rutgers DB coach Ed Pinkham leaving for Elon


In a move that has been in the works at least for several weeks, Rutgers defensive backs coach Ed Pinkham has accepted the defensive coordinator job at FCS program Elon University. Pinkham previously shared the defensive coordinator title at Rutgers with LB coach Bob Fraser. The Rutgers defensive backs played well in 2009. They did not in 2008 or 2010, but both seasons did have extenuating circumstances. Although he is a New Jersey native, Pinkham had developed into a surprisingly good recruiter in northern and central Florida over the past few years. It will be interesting to see whether the staff maintains a recruiting presence there by assigning a new assistant to the territory. As of now Rutgers is still at least one coach over the NCAA limit for non-GA assistants. Rumors about a multitude of forthcoming changes circulated last week on a private fan email list, and last night on ScarletNation.com (along with rumored player positional changes). The posts in question have since been scrubbed. Pinkham leaving almost certainly means that Jeff Hafley will be named as RU's new defensive backs coach, although no decent analysis will be possible until the athletic department officially announces the new coaching staff makeup. Update: that was somewhat fast - Pinkham's bio has been removed from scarletknights.com.

Brian Angelichio conference call/staffing speculation


Incoming tight ends coach Brian Angelichio spoke to the media on a conference call today. While the prospect of D.C. Jefferson making a leap forward and starting to realize his (literally) massive potential would be welcome, far more interesting at the moment is how the coaching staff will look in March. Assistant Phil Galiano has been seemingly joined at the hip to Greg Schiano for years and will be staying on in an unspecified role. Left unsettled is the status of secondary coach Ed Pinkham. Tom Luicci in his article above hints that Pinkham is likely out. Here's what is known/floating out there. 1. The various tidbits on the various premium sites, which cannot be repeated here. 2. Jeff Hafley is a secondary coach. Schiano told Bill King on Rivals Radio that Hafley will "work with the secondary" (which hypothetically does have some whiggle room, as discussed last week). 3. Now that Luicci let the cat out of the bag, there was some completely unsourced talk last weekend that Pinkham was leaving to be defensive coordinator at a certain FCS program. This bit is not at all confirmed and should be taken with a massive grain of salt. Full analysis of all coaching changes will not be possible until they are finalized next month.

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