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Boston College Vs. Miami Football Rivalry: The Real Victim Of ACC Expansion


A look at one of the unfortunate victims of the ACC's expansion to twelve teams -- the Boston College vs. Miami football rivalry.

ACC Disaster Weekend Overblown, Just A Product Of The Schedule


OK, so the ACC didn't have the best of weekends in football. But the annual ACC football meltdown can be avoided with just a few, smart tweaks to the schedule.

Conference Expansion: Dust Settles, 16 Team Mecha-Conferences Avoided (For Now)


The latest round of conference expansion moves appears to have been halted with Texas' commitment to stay in the Big 12. What does this mean for BC and the ACC?

Conference Expansion: Big 12 Not Dead Yet? Would The SEC Go After The ACC?


Latest conference expansion rumors. The Big 12 might not be dead just yet (but they probably are). The 10 remaining ADs will meet on Monday to consider salvaging the Big 12. A source tells ESPN...

Five Years From Now, Will Anyone Still Hold A Grudge Against BC? and the Big Finish


Now that Nebraska and Colorado have bolted from the Big 12, people can stop holding a grudge about Boston College's move to the ACC, right?

Conference Expansion: Colorado To Pac 10 Is First Domino To Fall


According to the Sporting News, the Colorado Buffaloes are set to accept an invite to the Pac 10 today.

Conference Expansion: Big Ten May (Temporarily) Stop With Nebraska


According to a report from Teddy Greenstein, Jim Delany and the Big Ten's expansion plans may temporarily stop with Nebraska.

Pac 10 Expansion Green Lighted And Possible Impact On ACC


Conference expansion rumors are heating up, with Pac 10 commissioner getting the green light to extend invitations to join the conference. What does this busy Sunday or rumors and conference chess...

A Brave New ACC? and the Big Finish


As rumors persist about massive scale conference realignment, could Boston College be staring at a brave new ACC in a few years?

Is The Super Conference-pocalypse Upon Us?


Rumors are that the Pac 10 is going to make a bold move and invite six Big 12 programs - Colorado, Texas, Texas A&M, Texas Tech, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State - to join the conference, pre-empting the...

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