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Will Your Cable/Dish Carry the Pac-12 Network?

Quick notes on the Pac-12 Network - coming to your cable/dish providers this summer.

Pac-12 Football TV Contract History: Revisiting The Horrible Pac-10 TV Deal


The Pac-10 television deal organized by Tom Hansen was one of the worst in college football history.

Cal Football Schedule: One Friday Night ESPN Home Game Every Two Years


The Cal football team will not have to play home games on Thursday Night Football under the new Pac-12 TV contract, and the Golden Bears will instead compromise to play the Friday night games on...

Comparing The ACC's TV Deal To The Other Five BCS Conferences


Comparing the ACC's TV deal to the other five BCS conferences. We can't exactly claim poverty here, but ...

Pac-12 TV Contract Revenue Will Spur Facilities Boom At WSU


Washington State athletic director Bill Moos has been consistent about what he's going to do with this cash windfall from the new Pac-12 TV contract: It's going into facilities, starting with the...

Pac-12 Network The Underrated Aspect Of New TV Deal


The Pac-12 TV deal is great, by the Pac-12 Network may be the biggest win of all. By holding back inventory and premium content, Larry Scott made the Pac-12 Network a must-have channel for...

K-State Slate: 5.4.11


The Slate is halfway there. Today, Nick Russell transferring (probably), astroturf camera makes EDSBS, Pac-12 gets richest TV contract in the land, and Boise State gets hit with lack of...

PAC-12 TV DEAL: What Does This Mean For Viewers?


Pac-12 commissioner Larry Scott has pulled off a deal that will make your day-to-day life as a college sports fan better than it's ever been.

PAC-12 TV RIGHTS: Conference Set To Announce Deal Valued At 'About $3 Billion'


Pac-12 commissioner Larry Scott actually pulled it off: As first reported by the SportsBusiness Journal early this morning and subsequently confirmed by Pac-12 reporter Jon Wilner of the San Jose...

Sports Business Journal On Pac-12 TV Rights: Market 'As Hot As I've Ever Seen'


John Ourand of the Sports Business Journal sees a smoking hot market for live sports rights. How much is that likely to benefit the Pac-12 as it negotiates its own media rights?

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