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Barbed Wire City: Was another ECW film necessary?

In this review of Barbed Wire City: The Unauthorized Story Of Extreme Championship Wrestling, we answer the question of whether another ECW documentary was really necessary, as the company's history has already been discussed ad nauseam.

Reid Flair, son of Ric Flair, reported dead

In one of the youngest tragedies in wrestling history, Ric Flair's son Reid has been found dead at age 25 in his hotel room earlier today. We at Cageside Seats would like to offer our heartfelt condolences to the Flair family.

News from the latest WWE tryout camp

In order to weed out those who aren't tough enough for WWE , their latest tryout camp was another hellish affair with a pile of broken bodies left in its wake. Two of the survivors were ROH's Adam Cole and Mike Bennett, who both impressed officials.

Jim Cornette on sabbatical from ROH after outburst

That's a polite way of saying that he was sent home for disciplinary reasons. Yet again Corny's lack of anger control has cost him another good job, when he threatened ROH's business manager with violence for leaving early at their last TV tapings.

Matt Hardy concussed at Extreme Uprising's iPPV

At Extreme Uprising's Remember November iPPV last night, Matt Hardy was lucky to escape relatively unscathed after taking a reckless face first bump off the top rope to the unprotected wooden surface below. Read more about the scary situation here.

Jim Cornette demoted in ROH booking reshuffle

Like WWE, ROH has officially removed their head writer Jim Cornette, but rather than a ruthless axing, this was a mutually agreed demotion, where Cornette's deputy Hunter "Delirious" Johnston got his old job back, but will still work with Cornette.

WWE suspends Ariane Andrew aka Cameron, for fifteen days

According to f4wonline.com Ariane Andrew, aka WWE Diva Cameron, has been suspended by WWE for 15 days after being arrested for a DUI and failing to notify the company about it.

Bully Ray and Devon's TNA contract renegotiations set to go down to the wire

Mike Johnson of PWInsider.com reported a few days ago that Bully Ray and Devon's contracts will expire at the end of the month and that they weren't happy with how Bruce Prichard, TNA's Head of Talent Relations, is dealing with the situation.

Will the WWE network be a subscription channel?

It has been almost two months since we last heard any news about the WWE network, which is a bad sign for its future and meeting the latest goal of a launch date before the end of 2012. WWE are now heavily considering making the network a subscription channel like WWE Classics on Demand, making it a much riskier proposition.

TNA's lawsuit against WWE requests a deposition with Ric Flair, John Laurinaitis and Triple H

Last week, TNA filed a lawsuit against WWE for interference with existing contracts, after they were informed that their former office employee Brian Wittenstein had given WWE confidential information about their company while working for the opposition earlier this year, which came shortly before Ric Flair quit TNA in order to attempt to rejoin WWE. On the surface that seemed like coincidental timing, but maybe TNA has a bit of a case after all.

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