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The Corner 2 Podcast - The Cleveland Cavaliers Edi


Dave Deckard from Blazer's Edge is the host of this brand new podcast, he is joined each week by Kevin Nesgoda from Sonics Rising. The podcast is a week by week outside look at different NBA teams....

Sixers-Cavs Trade Analysis

Was it worth Cleveland to trade for Spencer Hawes? And what did Sam Hinkie really get in return?

Mel Gibson & Cavs Owner Dan Gilbert Have A Prepared Statement...


...read by Gandhi. Yes, it had to happen: a Mel Gibson and Dan Gilbert mash-up. Rated R. For Ranting Racist Rhetoric. NSFW due to language.

Washington Generals Offer Cavs Owner Dan Gilbert A Job


The Washington Generals offer to show Dan Gilbert what life is really like as a perpetual loser.

What's gotten into Dan Gilbert?


p.s.- and did Yao Ming steal Shawn Bradley's bike???

The Economist: The Parable of Detroit

IT IS hardly news that the city of Detroit has been in long-term decline, a victim of everything from the problems of the "big three" carmakers to family breakdown, crime and middle-class flight, both black and white. But the scale of the recent collapse has caught even hardened Detroiters by surprise. When the results from the most recent decennial census appeared earlier this year, they showed that in the decade from 2000 to 2010 Detroit lost an astonishing 25% of its population, a demographic catastrophe (New Orleans apart) without parallel in the developed world. .... Yet despite all the gloom, there is a bit of a sense that things might just be starting to turn, and the reason is simple: Detroit is now incredibly cheap. And that has drawn some admittedly rather pioneering types back into town. http://www.economist.com/node/21533407?frsc=dg|a

NBA Lockout Update


An update on the depressing NBA Lockout, citing various articles from different sources.

Y! talks about a complete roster blowup


Kelly Dwyer at Yahoo! says that Andy's injury should lead to a complete teardown of the Cavs roster. I have to agree.

Your move, Dan Gilbert--Where do the Cleveland Cavaliers go from here?


Like it or not, change is coming for the Cleveland Cavaliers

How To Undermine Your Rant: Use Comic Sans


↵Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert was understandably upset to hear last night that LeBron James intends to sign with the Miami Heat. Feeling aggrieved and frustrated, he penned an outraged...

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