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Rebuilding the Barnes Corp

Basketball: Rick Barnes is rebuilding his army in a typically impressive fashion targeting a 6'11" face-up big man from UTEP who PB at BON notes is just the right fit for the Texas high screen...

Hugh Jackman, Charlie Davies And Beau Biden Make Appearances At PPL Park

Along with Stu Holden visiting PPL Park were Charlie Davies, Hugh Jackman and Beau Biden.

Charlie Davies Scores Two Goals In D.C. United Debut

Congratulations to former Boston College soccer star Charlie Davies, who scored two goals in his D.C. United debut. It was the first competitive match Davies has played in since suffering multiple injuries in a car accident in October 2009.

Tuesday Links

Don’t get too mad, I know we missed out on these little items last week. I apologize profusely for my laziness. I’d like to say I have a lot of Revolution news to share, but…I really don’t....

DC Sports Bog At Davies Press Conference

In another sign that DC United seems to be moving in the right direction, Dan Steinberg was at the press conference announcing the signing of Charlie Davies. Why do questions about goal celebrations and cheese matter? Well, the Bog is based on taking a lighthearted look at the quirks of our local teams and athletes. When teams are bad, the atmosphere around them gets negative, which means no funny stories about star players doing silly things like chewing drinking straws or participating in public water gun fights. No one wants to hear about their team's players goofing off when the losses are piling up. It also must be said that last year's squad, even if it had been a winning team, wasn't terribly interesting. It was a long way from the Nowak-era United team that was full of characters like Bobby Boswell, Alecko Eskandarian, and Nick Rimando. Dan hasn't been able to write much about United in the past couple of seasons because it's been a pretty joyless team to follow; imagine how it must have been for the players and coaches. However, this offseason has seen United improve both the players available and squad morale; those changes have carried over to the fanbase, which actually appears to feel something approaching hope for the first time in awhile. Maybe it's a false dawn, and we'll struggle; Who knows? What I do know is that it's nice to have enough positivity surrounding DCU that questions about wrestling moves and where a new player will live can be received with a smile rather than a grumble about being in last place. Might as well enjoy it while it lasts, right?

D.C. United acquires USMNT player Charlie Davies

And D.C. United's attacking options just got a whole lot more dangerous. Despite Davies having been seriously injured 16 months ago, it's clear that D.C. see's something in him that's going to be a powerful force for the upcoming season. ON a side note, I'm glad this deal happened merely for the sake of the USMNT, as our current options for talented strikers up top are kind of weak.

Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl A De Facto Road Game? And The Big Finish

The Nevada Wolf Pack have sold over 20,000 tickets to this year's Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl. Will the fact that BC will be playing in a de facto road game help or hurt the Eagles chances on January 9?

Charlie Davies Fires Missive at Sochaux President After Being Left off World Cup Roster

Charlie Davies is understandably upset about being left off the United States World Cup roster, and he's looking for someone to blame. It probably isn't prudent to blame, at least publicly, coach...

Is Today The Beginning or the End of Charlie Davies' 2010 World Cup Dream?

↵Thirty players will be chosen for the U.S. Men's National Team preliminary roster in advance of the World Cup, with the squad's selection being announced live on ESPNews at 2 p.m. ET. From...

Sochaux Deems Charlie Davies Unfit For World Cup, Then Realizing They Can't, Retracts

Let's start this by stating a very important rule of international soccer: each country's national team, and only each country's national team, can decide if a player does or doesn't play in the...

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