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A More Perfect Union: The True Fans Constitution

I am proposing the following draft of a Constitution of Fandom. This is but a rough draft. Give it a gander and tell me what you think.

Steve Smith 'Ice Up Son' T-Shirts


Who's wearing one of these on Sunday? hahaha

Luke Kuechly Nike Commercial


Think this is Kuechly's first commercial. Nice to see him getting some props! Hopefully the first of many.

Outsports exclusive: Kris Jenkins talks more about gay equality and out NFL players


Kris Jenkins Last Thursday former New York Jet and Carolina Panther Kris Jenkins spent several minutes talking about gays in the NFL on CBS...

Former NFL player Matt Willig on marriage, Catholicism & a gay teammate


Matt Willig appears in the NOH8 campaign Matt Willig wasn’t like the other folks roaming around the NOH8 campaign studio on a warm afternoon...

Week four preview video


I'm back with another Monday Preview! This one however, is more of a message to our beloved team. More details behind my message...after the jump After Thursday's loss, It struck me that our...

Interception rates since week 13 last season


There is an interesting article on ESPN about Alex Smith not having an interception since game 12 of last season. That's all fine and dandy, but the reason I am posting this is for the chart they provide with interception/dropped interception rates of quarterbacks in that time period (with over 100 drop backs). Cam Newton has a 2.7% rate (5 INT, 0 dropped INT), which puts him at 13th in the league. For comparison sake, Matt Ryan has 0.9% (2, 0), Drew Brees 2.3% (5, 1) and Josh Freeman 3.2% (6, 0) over the same period.


Special Teams Performance, Panthers vs Dolphins

I was reviewing the game, and looked at our starting lineup for special teams and their performances Kick Off Coverage Josh Norman - CB, Sherrod Martin - S, Kealoha Pilares - WR Antawn Applewhite...

Thank you CSR!


Something interesting happened today. I am now a featured writer at Bleacher Report and I submitted my first post featuring key position battles in training camp. I want to thank you guys here at CSR for providing the positive feedback and allowing me the motivation to keep on writing because without you this opportunity would not have happened. I will still around and I hope you visit Bleacher Report and follow me as I cover our beloved Panthers. Keep Pounding!

BRAND NEW Cam Newton Commercial


New commercial featuring my boy ace-boogie cam newton Dominating the 5th Quarter

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