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Luke Kuechly Named FWAA All-American For Second Straight Year

Luke Kuechly Named FWAA All American For 2nd Straight Year.

Some Football Links

Mark Schlabach of the Worldwide Leader has a post spring top 25 up. UC comes in at 18, five spots behind Pitt at 13. I don't really have an issue with that position. A poll this early is based...

Summation: Ohio State in the Aughts

Fourteen All Americans, seven ten plus win seasons (five eleven plus win seasons), six Big Ten Championships, six Top Ten finishes (Five in the Top Five), four BCS bowl wins, one Heisman Trophy winner, and a National Championship ensure that the Columbus faithful will always remember the aughts as one of the richest periods in the program's history.

Greg Hardy: All American at 2nd String

Greg Hardy, the prima donna of our defensive line, was recently named a 3rd team All American. The interesting thing bout all of this is that Hardy currently is not in the depth chart as a starter...

Dos pickos en el primer roundo

I told myself that I would leave this thing alone for the two weeks of law exams and let you people wallow in discontent. However, when a gem like this falls into your lap, it's just too much.A...

Pre-Season All-Conference Selections

Phil Steele's has released its All-American and All-SEC selections, a release of the full details is available over at the official Ole Miss Athletics website. The most notable inclusions are...

15 days until kickoff

The countdown of horrible Ole Miss moments from the last four years continues as kick-off comes ever nearer. While this countdown may seem depressing, it is simply a reminder of what we...

Add a Different Two More

Michael Oher and Peria Jerry were named AP All Americans today.First team, lawya!No word yet on whether Millsaps quarterback Juan Joseph was honored as an All American.Snubs are in the past,...

We're Back and the final part of the SEC Power Poll All-SEC DLine

Alright, alright, you can all quit your bellyaching.Between Christmas and one of us getting hitched two days thereafter we've been doing the whole "friends and family" thing. No, we're not going to...

Game Day

I'm a lot of things right now.I'm excited. I'm nervous. I'm focused. And I'm pissed.I'm sick of a vast majority of the mainstream media downplaying our Rebels. I'm sick of fairweather Rebel fans...

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