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Roll The Quadcast - Spring Game Recap


In this week's edition of "Roll The Quadcast," Rob and Riley recap the spring game and take a look at the depth chart.

Hoos Sign Commits; How Many Scholarships Remain?

Answer: Not many. We break down scholarship distribution by year and position group to give some context to this year's relatively small recruiting class.

Roll The Quadcast (Football Recruiting/Bball)


Rob and Riley take a look at who will be joining Coach Clawson on the football staff. They also talk a little basketball and recap how the team has done on the hardwood floor over the past month.

Behind Enemy Lines: Q&A with Gobbler Country

Saturday marks the end of the trash heap inferno that is the 2013 Virginia football season. The only thing standing between us and four glorious months of basketball is the annual showdown with...

Behind Enemy Lines: Q&A with State of the U

Two more weeks until this godforsaken football season is behind us. But this week, there's still a debacle to be played. The Hoos are on the road at Miami. Hurricanes blog State of the U lets us...

Why Jon Tenuta Is Better Than You Think

An opponent just scored 59 points on us. For the second time this year. The clamoring has begun to throw the bums out. But the numbers say don't throw Jon Tenuta out with the bathwater.

Roll The Quadcast (Cuse recap, FSU talk & bball)


Rob and Riley discuss the embarrassing loss to Syracuse in a must-win game. They also talk about some bigger picture program views moving forward. #2 FSU comes to town next week, so just how bad...

Behind Enemy Lines: Q&A with From The Rumble Seat


Virginia's offense could also be described as a rambling wreck. GT blog From The Rumble Seat answers our questions about the actual Ramblin' Wreck from Georgia Tech. We've been told they're helluva...

Hoos Don't Show Up For 2nd Half, Lose to Duke


UVa 22–0 in the 2nd quarter. UVa leads 22–7 at the half. Duke wins 35–22. One of these things is not like the others, and one of these things DEFINITELY doesn't belong.

Behind Enemy Lines: Q&A with DukeReport.com


LIVE! THIS SATURDAY! A BATTLE OF COASTAL DIVISION CELLAR-DWELLERS! Read all about the 2013 Duke Blue Devils from Mike Kline, a man who knows.

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