Always plenty of good VTech pics on the interwebs. This time we get a two-fer with a crack at a fan and a mascot, enjoy. Congrats to last week's runaway winner, Eaglephile, with North in the front, Carolina in the back. Go BC beat VTech!! Ready. Set. Caption!!!



Oh North Carolina, your jobs, education and healthcare are so North, but your locals are so Carolina. One day you'll get there. Congrats to Mr. Brian Favat with last week's Wisconsin winner: I could have sworn they stopped filming that GEICO Caveman TV show spin-off like, 6 years ago. Go BC, beat UNC!!! Ready. Set. Caption!!!

Wisconsin COPCO


No football, no problem. J York & Co. have a big match up with #2 Wisconsin this weekend so let's show them a little love. Last week's winning caption was To gameplan for all of the beef on BCs Oline, Clemson brought in two very specialized scouts.. Go Eagles, beat Wisconsin!!! Read. Set. Caption!!!

Clemson - COPCO


Clemson time. Unfortunately for us, it's going be tough to keep this one within the eleventy billion point spread. On the flip side, there is never a shortage of pictures of our friends in orange on the interwebs. Congrats to BCEagle74 for coming through with last week's winner with Obama: "My putts always break hard left!" Boehner: "You don’t know how to negotiate a putt?" Go Eagles, Beat Clemson. Ready. Set. Caption!

Army COPCO - Also not Canceled


The Army COPCO will go on. However, like last year, since the dudes and dudettes in the the Army are the original BAMFs it would be in poor taste to make fun of them. However, in light of the shut down I think their political overlords are fair game this week. Congrats to Eagle NY for winning the FSU COPCO with: Jumbo Fischer acknowledged that, in retrospect, there was a drop off this year in recruiting the Chief Osceola and Renegade positions. Go Eagles beat Army!! Ready. Set. Caption!!!

Florida State COPCO


Who's ready for 3.5 hours of listening to rednecks chant like Indians? No? No one? Ok, well this COPCO should give you folks a chance to take a shot at both FSU and PETA so please enjoy. Congrats to Eagle NY with the USC winner Hey what’s your name? Ya wanna play Quarterback? Go Eagles, Beat FSU!!! Ready. Set. Caption.



Still hurting on the Luke Beakly snub. Maybe not the winner but definitely better than Aquila. Anyways, this week we gotta go with the momentum play and pile on Lane. Last week's winning caption was Really guys, white pants after Labor Day? Ready. Set. Caption!

Wake Forest COPCO - #TheRivalry


Normally I wouldn't do a throwback COPCO two weeks in a row, but c'mon, seriously Wake Forest? How was I supposed to ignore this one? Go BC beat Wake Forest! Congrats to last week's winner bc1863 who notched and immediate knockout of a very crowded field with Thrilla-Nova. Take a bow bc1863. Ready. Set. Caption!!!

COPCO is Back - Run and Tell That


Hey kids, COPCO is back!!! For those of you that are new or just need a refresher, COPCO stands for Compromising Opponent Picture Caption Off. This is how it works - each week I will post an awesome picture of our opponent for that week (ie. players, fans, coaches, mascots, etc.). Everyone then has the opportunity to fire away in the comment section with their best potential captions for the picture. Then, all readers can vote for the caption(s) they like best by clicking "rec" after the caption. The winner is the caption with the most recs and is announced the following week. Feel free to submit multiple captions and multiple recommendations; funny doesn't understand limits. For example, check out some of our oldies but goodies like... Miami Study Hall, Maryland Daycare and who could forget Nazi Clemson Tiger. For our first COPCO of 2013 I had to dig way back in time to find this gem from a Villanova practice in 1939. Ready. Set. Caption!!!

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