Eagles Have Landed.


Gaudreau and Arnold are ready to go on Sunday for the Eagles

Jim Christian In Lower


Boston College's new head coach bought dinner for students yesterday after his press conference.

Syracuse Shootyhoops COPCO


After the win today, basketball's next opponent is everybody's favorite non-rival rival. Let's see if we can get the big win and a blazing hot 2 game win streak.

Arizona COPCO


A bowl game COPCO? A bowl game COPCO. Here we go kids, our last game of the year. No one wants this season to end but here's to ending 2013 on a high note and propelling us into a great offseason and some more great recruiting. Go BC, beat Arizona!!! Ready. Set. Caption!!!

Syracuse COPCO


Final COPCO of the regular season, how did this happen? This week the entire team will have to be on their game to get this W and get Andre his Heisman. You will need to do likewise. Congrats to BraemorePuke who came out strong and eventually held off several solid competitors with the caption: Can you see the $58 million? I know it’s up there somewhere. Go BC, beat Syracuse!!! Ready. Set. Caption!!!

Maryland COPCO


This week we get to reenact everyone's favorite children's story - The Terrapin and the Eagle. It's very similar to the Tortoise and the Hare except in this one the turtle gets steamrolled by Andre Williams. Congrats to dcreilly for eeking out a well fought win last week with No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service No. Carolina State Go BC, beat Maryland!! Ready. Set. Caption!!!



This week COPCO steps it up and brings in one these "Gifs" that all the kids like. There's just a lot happening here. Congrats to BC 1863 on last week's winner Frank Spaziani (left) spotted in NMSU Spring camp with his trusted assistant Luigi giving The DC pointers on how to run the “Six Shooter Cushion” Go BC, Beat NC State!!! Ready. Set. Caption!!!



Getting an early start on the COPCO this week. Quick glance at the depth chart and I think our #1 goal this week should be for our Oline to escape without any murder charges. Congrats to Brian with last week's winner - Blacksburg is beautiful this time of year, what with the leaves and Hokies fans changing colors at all. Go BC, Beat New Mexico State!!! Ready. Set. Caption!

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