Boston College Football Depth Chart For Georgia Tech Game

Jared Wickerham - Getty Images

Putting out an A.P.B. for RB Rolandan Finch and WR Colin Larmond Jr.

The Boston College Eagles conclude their three game road trip down in Atlanta this weekend against the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets. Let's break down the Eagles two-deep roster as of Monday, October 15.


1. Chase Rettig - JR
2. Josh Bordner - SO

We saw Bordner gets some reps for the first time this season in garbage time vs. Florida State. This is still Rettig's team, but I'd imagine that's not the last we've seen of Bordner if some of these six remaining games get out of hand.


1. Andre Williams - JR
2. David Dudeck - FR

When Dr. Bates goes and evaluates the current state of the Boston College football program, he should take a look at the Eagles' two-deep and openly question why certain players aren't listed as starters. One of those guys is junior RB Rolandan Finch. All Finch did was finish as the team's leading rusher in 2011, amassing 705 yards on 157 carries. A few weeks back, Spaz characterized Finch's issues as a mix of performance and personal issues, failing to specify precisely why the team's leading rusher has been benched. Coach Spaz added, "We're putting the best guys out there that we feel give us the best chance to win." Are you? With due respect to David Dudeck, a true freshman, no one can tell me Dudeck is more talented than Finch at RB.

Wide Receivers:

1. Alex Amidon - JR
2. Donte Elliott - SR

1. Johnathan Coleman - JR
2. Dan Crimmins - FR

1. Bobby Swigert - JR OR Spiffy Evans - SO

The other player Bates should speak to and/or inquire about is senior wide receiver Colin Larmond Jr. Can anyone explain the mysterious absence of the team's leading returning receiver from 2011? Larmond Jr. caught 34 balls last year for 568 yards and 3 TDs. Again, with due respect to guys like Crimmins or Donte Elliott, you can't tell me these guys are more talented than Larmond Jr. Ask yourself: is Spaz really putting the best guys out there that give the Eagles the best chance to win?

Tight End:

1. Chris Pantale - SR
2. C.J. Parsons - SO

Great to see Pantale back on the two-deep even if he wasn't utilized all that much in the loss to Florida State. Sad to think about his career ending in this way with the season already lost. Freshman Brian Miller falls off this week's two-deep with Pantale's return to the starting lineup.

Offensive Line:

LT 1. Emmett Cleary - SR
LT 2. Dan Lembke - R-FR

LG 1. Bobby Vardaro - SO
LG 2. Harris Williams - SO

C 1. Andy Gallik - SO
C 2. Paul Gaughan - R-FR

RG 1. Ian White - JR
RG 2. Seth Betancourt - SO

RT 1. John Wetzel - SR
RT 2. Aaron Kramer - SO

The only change this week is at backup left guard, where sophomore Harris Williams replaces redshirt freshman Victor Nelson. Otherwise, this is basically the same OL two-deep that Boston College has gone with all season.


1. Jarrett Darmstatter - SO or Brian Miller - R-FR

Jake Sinkovec is off this week's two-deep, replaced by Darmstatter and redshirt freshman Brian Miller.

Defensive Ends:

1. Kieran Borcich - R-FR
2. Malachi Moore - FR

1. Kasim Edebali - JR
2. Andre Lawrence - JR

Redshirt freshman Kieran Borcich replaces sophomore Mehdi Abdesmad at starting DE. Abdesmad has struggled mightly through much of the year so Spaz/McGovern replaces him with Borcich. Fresh off burning his redshirt, Malachi Moore is listed as the backup DE behind Borcich. Glad we are getting mileage out of Moore's freshman campaign. Wujciak is replaced by junior Andre Lawrence behind Edebali.

Defensive Tackle:

LT 1. Connor Wujciak - R-FR
LT 2. Max Ricci - SO

RT 1. Jaryd Rudolph - JR
RT 2. Bryan Murray - SR

Both Dominic Appiah and Dillon Quinn are left off this week's two-deep. Appiah is replaced by Wujciak, who makes the move from end to tackle.


SLB 1. Steele Divitto - JR
SLB 2. Tim Joy - FR

MLB 1. Nick Clancy - SR
MLB 2. Sean Duggan - SO

WLB 1. Kevin Pierre-Louis - JR
WLB 2. Steven Daniels - FR

Clancy is back on the two-deep and Nick Lifka is off. No other changes to this unit this week.

Defensive Backs:

FC 1. Manny Asprilla - SO
FC 2. Bryce Jones - FR

BC 1. Sean Sylvia - SO
BC 2. Ameer Richardson - R-FR OR C.J. Jones - SO

SS 1. Jim Noel - SR
SS 2. Dominique Williams - SO

FS 1. Justin Simmons - FR
FS 2. Spenser Rositano - SO

Sean Sylvia claims the starting BC spot, while freshman Justin Simmons is slotted at FS1 to replace Sylvia. Makes sense to mix up the secondary a bit this week after getting lit up by Manuel and the Florida State receivers last week.


1. Nate Freese - JR
2. Alex Howell - R-FR

If Freese was on a better team, he'd be getting a lot more pub for his perfect 1/2 season.


1. Gerald Levano - SR
2. Alex Howell - R-FR


1. Sean Flaherty - SR
2. Dave Shinskie - SR

Our deepest position on the two-deep in terms of senior leadership.


1. Gerald Levano - SR
2. Josh Bordner - SO

Punt Returner:

1. Spiffy Evans - SO
2. Bobby Swigert - JR

Kick Returner:

1. Donte Elliott - SR
2. Spiffy Evans - SO

Evans had some solid kick returns in Saturday's loss. Elliott and Evans swap spots at KR, whatever that means.

Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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