GOAL BY GOAL BY GOAL BY GOAL BY GOAL... BC Women's Hockey Wipes Out UNH, 8-1

BC Athletics

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I thought maybe I'd get have at least somewhat of an easy go of it making GIFs with only 1 men's and 1 women's game this weekend, but then the ladies kicked things off with an absolute tuning up of the UNH Wildcats by a score of 8-1.

Funny enough, BC was trailing in this game early on a greasy goal that ended up behind 5th year goaltender Corinne Boyles a minute in. But we've seen this movie before

I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve.

-Isoroku Yamamoto

Goal #1 -- 4:56 of the 1st period: Dana Trivigno (Emily Pfalzer, Kate Leary)
BC 1, UNH 1

This is a really nicely executed 2 on 1 that ends up off the post, but Trivigno follows up the play to open up the scoring for the Eagles.

Things didn't get much better for the Wildcats in the first period.

Goal #2 (GWG) -- 7:57 of the 1st period: Kristyn Capizzano (Haley Skarupa, Emily Pfalzer)
BC 2, UNH 1

Call these gals Waste Management because they spent all day cleaning up UNH goaltender Vilma Vaattovaara's garbage.

Pfalzer takes the puck wide and drops back to Skarupa who fires the shot, and Vaattovaara leaves a rebound that ends up right on the stick of the freshman for the easy score.

Try to keep up, they're coming fast & furious...

Goal #3 (PPG) -- 16:35 of the 1st period: Kate Leary (Taylor Wasylk, Haley Skarupa)
BC 3, UNH 1

Man, rebound city. This time it's Leary cleaning up to give BC the first of many, many multigoal leads.

And as if 3 goals in one period wasn't enough...

Goal #4 -- 19:57 of the 1st period: Melissa Bizzari (Haley Skarupa, Kristyn Capizzano)
BC 4, UNH 1

ANOTHER rebound. And if UNH wasn't disheartened already, they were probably just about ready to go home after this goal with just 3 seconds left in the period.

What a response from BC to come back from the early deficit. And the second period was more of the same with BC keeping a skate to their throats

Goal #5 (PPG) -- 5:42 of the 2nd period: Lexi Bender (Meagan Mangene, Taylor Wasylk)
BC 5, UNH 1

Finally we've got one that isn't a result of the UNH goaltender being unable to control her rebound. This is just a straight snipe from Bender on the power play.

If you have a minute, take a look at the clip in the YouTube video starting at 2:25. It's too long to include in the GIF, but look at the great puck movement on this power play. No one holds the puck longer than "one Mississippi" and the Wildcats are left scrambling trying to keep up. The end result is Bender getting an overzealous Wildcat to sell out on a block before walking to take what basically a free throw from a prime scoring area.

Goal #6 (SHG) -- 9:56 of the 2nd period: Haley Skarupa (Taylor Wasylk)
BC 6, UNH 1

Well, Skarupa certainly seems to be back to early-season form after missing a few games with injury. This isn't the last we'll see of her today, but she'll end up with a healthy 2-3--5 line in this romp. Here she skates around a helpless Wildcat before slipping the puck behind Vaattovaara for the shortie.

Time to call off the dogs I think.

Goal #7 (PPG) -- 13:48 of the 2nd period: Kristyn Capizzano (Dana Trivigno, Emily Field)
BC 7, UNH 1

*Another* power play goal. And another shot from the top of the slot. It's almost like shooting from close range right in front of the net will give you an awesome chance to score. Crazy.

That's it for the second period. It looked like Coach Crowley really did let up a bit in the third, giving the lower lines some significant playing time. There were also a few BC penalties in a row, which didn't seem to bother anyone involved since they were all laughing it up having a grand old time in the penalty box. I don't really care either. At this point the whole game was a freaking party.

Time to wrap this up.

Goal #8 -- 4:31 of the 3rd period: Haley Skarupa (Melissa Bizzari, Kristyn Capizzano)
BC 8, UNH 1 -- FINAL


1) Get the puck to the slot. 
2) Shoot.
3) Score.
4) ???
5) Profit.

Something like that.

And so closes the fragrant can of whoopass opened by BC upon these poor Wildcats. That ends UNH's season, a disappointing campaign, especially given their recent history of being the dominant Hockey East program.

The Eagles, meanwhile, advance to Hyannis (??) for the Hockey East semifinals next week. BC will take on either Vermont , Maine, or Providence, depending on how the rest of the quarterfinal games go this afternoon.

BC remains 5th in the Pairwise, a mere whisker away from 4th and the opportunity to host an NCAA quarterfinal. They'll need some help, though -- BC will not be able to take the spot without Cornell and Harvard each taking a loss by the end of the ECAC tournament.

We'll have a better idea of the scenarios after this weekend's games and will throw out a detailed Bracketology later in the week, in preparation for next Sunday's (!) selection show. Check back later in the week for all your women's tournament coverage.

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