2013-14 Orange Eagle Trophy: Boston College Stops Skid With Upset Of #1 Syracuse

Actually ... - Rich Barnes

Well, that was fun.

Last night, the Eagles men's basketball team spoiled #1 Syracuse's undefeated season and picked up three Orange Eagle Trophy points in the process. Unfortunately, the good guys still find themselves in a significant hole with just a few head-to-head competitions left in this year's competition for Northeast college athletics supremacy.

With the men's basketball split and SU women's hoops crushing the Lady Eagles, the current point tally stands at Syracuse 31, Boston College 12.

The Eagles margin of error is ever so slim at this point. BC will need to sweep the remaining contests in the regular season to draw within striking distance of winning this year's Orange Eagle. Here are the remaining competitions:

-- 3/23 Women's Tennis @ Syracuse
-- 3/27 Women's Lacrosse @ Boston College
-- 4/16 Softball x2 @ Syracuse
-- Men's & Women's Track & Field @ ACC Championship

Should BC take all those contests, the score would be SU 31, BC 28. From there, we'd have to hope Jerry York's boys make another deep NCAA Tournament run and Syracuse's laxbros flames out of the postseason. So there's a chance ... but probably not more than a 1.2% one.

Go Eagles! Beat 'Cuse!

Sport Date Location Point Value SU BC Bonus
Field Hockey 20-Sep BC 3* 3 a, c
W Soccer 8-Oct BC 3* 3
W Ice Hockey 25-Oct SU 3* 3 a, c
W Soccer 31-Oct BC 3* 3 a, c
M X-Country 1-Nov ACC Champ** 3 6 a, c
W X-Country 1-Nov ACC Champ** 3 3 a, c
Field Hockey 7-Nov ACC Champ 3 3 a, c
Volleyball 10-Nov BC 2 2 a, c
Volleyball 27-Nov SU 2 2 a, c
Football 30-Nov SU 6 6 a, c
M Basketball 13-Jan BC 3 3 a, c
W Basketball 16-Feb BC 3 3 a, c
M Basketball 19-Feb SU 3 3
W Tennis 23-Mar SU 3 a, c
W Lacrosse 27-Mar BC 3 a, c
W Softball (DH) 16-Apr SU (GM 1) 2 a, c

16-Apr SU (GM 2) 2
M Track & Field TBD ACC Champ** 3 a, c
W Track & Field TBD ACC Champ** 3 a, c
* in the event of a tie, both teams will earn 1 point
** winner determined by relative standing at the end of the competition
Bonus Points
a) ACC Tournament Champion 3
b) Men's Hockey East Tournament Champion 3
c) NCAA Champion 5
Major Sports - Achievement-based
Sport Achievement Point Value
BC M Ice Hockey NCAA Tournament 3 b, c
BC M Ice Hockey Frozen Four 3
SU M Lacrosse NCAA Tournament 3 a, c
SU M Lacrosse Final Four 3
TOTAL 31 12
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