Boston College Football: Depth Chart For North Carolina Game

Tyler Smith

Little change here, but we look at how the positions matchup against the Tar Heels.

Very little news to report on as the Eagles escaped Death Valley and a bye week with no injuries. Steve Addazio is going to stick with his usual crew as BC gets ready for the UNC Tar Heels.


1. Chase Rettig (6-3, 206, Sr.)
2. Josh Bordner (6-4, 220, Jr.) OR Mike Marscovetra (6-4, 207, Sr.)

We know what we have with Chase Rettig and will have to live with that for the final half of the season. If he can prevent the big mistakes he is a serviceable quarterback, but we have seen him make those errors and they can be costly. If he utilizes the play action, and gets rid of the ball quickly if he gets in trouble he should be okay. UNC has the 91st passing defense in the country.

1. Andre Williams (6-0, 227, Sr.)
2. Myles Willis (5-9, 187, Fr.)

Two of the lynchpins of the offense, Willis and Williams line up again as the top two backs against a UNC defense that has struggled mightily against the run. The Heels are 103rd in the country against the run, the Heels have only had success stopping the Hokies. Not like BC was going to change their system, but this could be a matchup that is heavily in the Eagles favor.

1. Jake Sinkovec (6-4, 244, Sr.)
2. Bobby Wolford (6-2, 233, R-Fr.)

Sinkovec is a solid fullback, good for a catch here and there, but also a good blocker as well.

1. Alex Amidon (6-0, 182, Sr.)
2. Harrison Jackson (6-3, 201, So.)

1. David Dudeck (5-11, 190, So.)
2. Brian Miller (6-3, 241, So.)

1. Harrison Jackson (6-3, 201, So.) OR Spiffy Evans (6-0, 184, Jr.)
2. Dan Crimmins (6-5, 222, So.)

Nothing has changed here, which at this point isn't a surprise. Although the 2nd and 3rd receivers haven't been a factor the Eagles don't have much depth here. Looks like Marcus Grant is still hurt as he still hasn't made the two deep. Here's to hoping that one of them (not Alex Amidon) can get open this weekend.

1. C.J. Parsons (6-6, 253, Jr.)
2. Michael Giacone (6-5, 260, So.) OR Louie Addazio (6-3, 253, So.)

1. Mike Naples (6-4, 237, Sr.)

This group has shown that they are more effective as blockers as they are receivers. Parsons has made a catch every now and then, but he doesn't seem fast enough to get open when Rettig is in trouble.

1. Matt Patchan (6-6, 300, Sr.)
2. Seth Betancourt (6-6, 298, Jr.) OR Dave Bowen (6-7, 297, So.)

1. Bobby Vardaro (6-5, 310, Jr.)
2. Paul Gaughan (6-6, 303, So.) OR Dan Lembke (6-6, 304, So.)

1. Andy Gallik (6-3, 302, Jr.)
2. Frank Taylor (6-3, 287, R-Fr.)

1. Harris Williams (6-3, 298, Jr.)
2. Aaron Kramer (6-7, 299, Jr.)

1. Ian White (6-5, 302, Sr.)
2. Jim Cashman (6-7, 298, R-Fr.)

Same group as all other six games, the Eagles have allowed 15 sacks, many of which could have been avoided if Rettig could get rid of the ball just a tad quicker when pressured. UNC is 91st in the country with 10 sacks.


1. Kaleb Ramsey (6-3, 285, Sr.)
2. Brian Mihalik (6-9, 283, Jr.) OR Nick Lifka (6-2, 274, So.)

1. Jaryd Rudolph (6-3, 275, Sr.)
2. Truman Gutapfel (6-3, 261, Fr.)

1. Dominic Appiah (6-5, 291, Jr.)
2. Connor Wujciak (6-3, 300, So.)

1. Kasim Edebali (6-3, 246, Sr.)
2. Kevin Kavalec (6-3, 242, Fr.)

No changes here, as BC remains healthy again at this position. UNC has a pretty weak rushing attack, ranked 103rd in the country averaging just a hair over 100 yards a game.

1. Kevin Pierre-Louis (6-1, 225, Sr.)
2. Josh Keyes (6-2, 215, Jr.)

1. Steele Divitto (6-2, 237, Sr.)
2. Sean Duggan (6-4, 241, Jr.)

1. Steven Daniels (6-0, 249, So.)
2. Mike Strizak (6-2, 239, R-Fr.) OR Tim Joy (6-2, 222, So.)

The linebacking crew stays the same this weekend.

1. Manny Asprilla (5-11, 177, Jr.)
2. Al Louis-Jean Jr. (6-2, 195, So.)


1. Dominique Williams (6-0, 212, Jr.)
2. Spencer Rositano (6-1, 210, Jr.) OR Matt Milano (6-0, 200, Fr.)

1. Sean Sylvia (6-0, 208, Jr.)
2. Justin Simmons (6-3, 188, So.) OR Ted Davenport (6-1, 203, Jr.)

1. Bryce Jones (6-1, 166, So.)
2. C.J. Jones (5-11, 185, Jr.) or John Johnson (6-0, 180, Fr)

Dominique Williams is starting again at safety weeks after his injury. The two deep remains the same, minus the addition of John Johnson who is added as a backup cornerback. UNC has a top 20 passing game, averaging more than 300 yards of passing per game, but quarterbacks Bryn Renner and Marquise Williams have combined for seven interceptions.


1. Nate Freese (5-11, 192, Sr.)
2. Alex Howell (6-5, 215, So.)

1. Nate Freese (5-11, 192, Sr.)
2. Alex Howell (6-5, 215, So.)

1. Leonard Skubal (5-10, 215, R-Fr.)
2. Mike Naples (6-4, 237, Sr.)

1. Spiffy Evans (6-0, 184, Jr.)
2. Dave Dudeck (5-11, 190, So.)

1. David Dudeck (5-11, 190, So)
2. Myles Willis (5-9, 187, Fr.)

Small change here as Spiffy Evans has been replaced on kick returns by Dudeck. Not sure why this happened as Evans and Willis made a pretty dynamic combination on kick returns. Otherwise this hasn't changed.

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