Boston College GIF of the Year: BEST OF THE BEST

Your 2014 Champion

The 2014 champion has been crowned... but is it the best ever?

The 2014 GIF of the Year tournament has, unfortunately, come to an end. But a worthy champion has been crowned -- congratulations to Andre Williams, who ran roughshod over every GIF he faced in this year's competition en route to the championship. Congratulations as well to the BC women's hockey ladies who put up a good fight in the finals.

But now, we are tasked with answering the question: Is Andre Williams' stiff-arm of a poor Maryland defender worthy of the title of Best Of The Best? Is it the best Boston College GIF of all time? That, baby birds, is for you, the readers, to determine.

We did not have this vote last year, so there will be a 3 way vote to determine the winner. Here are the contenders:

2012 Champion: The Goal

Don't bother looking for our 2012 tournament to see that Gaudreau's winner against Ferris State was the winner -- it was declared champion by acclamation, much like Ventresca was named pope in Angels & Demons (literary reference on BCI, whoa, trippy...). Gaudreau's goal has already reached legendary status among BC fans. Can the GIF do the same?

2013 Champion: Alley Oo-dio

Last year featured an All-Odio final, something I don't think anyone would have predicted. Nonetheless, Eddie Odio's inbounds slam against Duke captured the hearts of millions (AND MILLIONS) of BC fans on the way to destroying, well, himself, in the championship round. Is this GIF the greatest of all time? Only time will tell.

2014 Champion: Have A Seat

And last but certainly not least, Mr. Andre Williams and his band of Merry-land Men. A dominating force in this year's tournament, who won every matchup by at least a 3:1 margin. DreWill literally ran over the BC record books (I say literally, he actually printed out a PDF of the BC rushing records and sprinted over them at the NFL combine, probably). An instant classic GIF... should Andre Williams' GIF be known as the greatest of all time?

Your vote will decide. This will be an annual tradition here at BCI -- the annual vote to determine the best GIF ever of all time in history of GIF'ing.

Choose wisely. Your 24 voting block starts now.

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