We're Baaaaaaack


BCI RADIO IS BACK BABY! 8 PM show has everything you need to get your Eagle fix for the day.

BCI RADIO IS BACK. In case you missed it, here's our agenda. Tune in at 8 PM for an hour of BC talk that will blow. your. mind.

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Our show will line up a little something like this:

8:00 PM-8:20 PM: Beanpot. We're going to be talking about the fallout and impact of Monday's Beanpot first round. BC plays BU this year in the first round, meaning history could be made when Harvard or Northeastern make a run at the first non-BC/BU title since 1993. It's been 20 consecutive Beanpots won by either the Eagles or Terriers, and we'll be talking about the results and the games on Monday with a look into the future for the following week's consolation game and final.

We'll also discuss BC's stretch run. After the Beanpot, it's straight through to the new Hockey East playoffs. We'll start the process of getting you primed as the Eagles look to hunt down Minnesota for the top slot in the Pairwise Rankings.

8:20 PM-8:35 PM: National Signing Day. It's one of the most fun days of the year. High school kids choose a crisp hat and put it on their head as dreams of dancing their way to the national championship ring in their brains. It's like the NFL Draft for college football in that every commit and every choice provides new hope for the chance to play in a bowl game, conference championship, or big-time AQ contest.

We'll run down the areas BC best addressed in their recruiting and summarize the process that got us here. We'll then take a look at the areas BC will need to address in the future and begin the cycle anew as next year's recruiting begins immediately.

8:35 PM-8:55 PM: ANYTHING YOU WANT! We'll open up the phone lines and talk BC athletics. What do you want to talk about? We'll talk about it. Two weeks ago, we had the show of shows as Brian Favat, our head honcho, joined us. AJ called in. Coach was on the line for 20 minutes giving us all a lesson in basketball economics; it was the best segment we'll probably ever have. 74 is always good for a call or two. That doesn't mean you can't call in! It's your turn to play BC analyst and turn your comments into real, live talk.

And if you're the lucky caller, we'll test your knowledge. We'll pick one person who calls in and ask you a trivia question related to Beanpot hockey. If you call in (and we'll prompt you when to do so), you can win a $25 gift card to Cityside Bar in Boston. For the BC student who doesn't want to eat at Hillside for the eleventy billionth time, it's the perfect opportunity to ask out that girl from your economics class. For the BC alum, it's the perfect chance to get an inexpensive night out in Cleveland Circle. For the BC Interruption staff, it's a great way to get YOU involved with our show. And, hey, if you want to call in earlier, GO FOR IT! We'd love to hear from you.

So call in. The number is 646-200-0446. Write it down, put it on the carrier pigeon, and get yourself on board with the best thing to happen to BC athletics since Jerry York (/ducks lightning bolts)!

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