Our AD has a personal list and all future Boston College Coaches have to come from the MAC.

It's almost like a Vatican Canon Law decree, since as we all know, only 74 is also infallible in all matters of faith, morals, sports and BBQ. The Bates Football and Basketball AD lists both had one MAC name >> and they were both hired.

With 12 returning hoops players, 6 Seniors, if BC makes the 2015 tourney and wins a couple or more Tourney games, will all be forgotten?

FEAR NOT IN 2014-2015, if we get our two (BIG IF's) chronic glaring problems solved:

The chronic knee tendonitis in BMD Clifford has to be finally gone or managed and BMD has to get 28+ solid strong productive minutes and the chronic cheesesteak issues of KC Caudill have to be addressed and him losing 50+ pounds, because BC needs him for at least 12 minutes+ of hard fouls, some buckets and boxing out defense in his last season!

BC has to turn those two BIG IF'S around with targeted summer and fall training from again... becoming TWO BIG STIFFS in 2014-2015!


It's the next few years of recruiting of ACC Level players and talent where JimBobCat has to step up and just like Stephen "The Whistler" Donahue, that is yet to be determined.

99% of Jim Christian's real job besides coaching is those solid gold 6 scholarships and who he can bring into BC next year and for that matter, the future years and the other 6 too!

FACT: Christian has a very, very long honeymoon period at BC, so you all better get loaded on the JimBobCat ASAP!

* This Year 1 (2014-2015) is not the team he recruited, so automatic excuse hall pass?

* 6 Seniors then graduate, he gets the Year 2 (2015-2016) Easy Pass Throgs Neck Bridge toll, since of course all BC fans never expect freshman classes like peer academic schools like Duke or others....... (except me!).

* Year 3, (2016-2017) almost the entire team will have been replaced by JBC recruits, and he will have two recruiting classes of his kids or Sophs and Freshman, and maybe some of his first two classes are red-shirted?

* Year 4 (2017-2018) is when all 3 years of JC recruits will be on the floor since BC has no incoming freshman for 2014/2015 class at the present time. It's all about recruiting for JimBobCat who has ZERO CAREER NCAA TOURNAMENT WINS in his coaching career.

* I still say the 12 returning BC players with a healthy, strong Clifford, some production out of KC, that BC can get a 2015 NCAA bid and make a surprise run with some all around health luck, training, coaching and no more mini-micro-managing whistling!

* JimBobCat will be very, very lucky if Clifford comes back strong and KC loses 50 pounds. Easier schedule, (3) 7 footers with Magerity, is 15 pivot fouls in tough ACC/NCAA tilts.

* (6) Forwards: Odio, Drago, Jax, Heckmann, Anderson and Owens is quite a deep forward frontline and last two are very athletic. Heckmann showed last flashes and maybe the others improve.

* Add in Kentucky Player of the Year PG Hicks off injury and red/shirt, giving Rahon and Hanlan (3) and extra 8-10 minutes of rest and you have 12 players that can make a Senior led run with maximum effort, health and some Florida training as I just witnessed on ESPN WOW! Our team is soft and needs intense training.

* Again, like last year, all depends on Clifford's chronic knee health and his crucial pivot performances in 2014-2015. BC makes the Sweet 16 next year or goes deeper with a Cinderella season and all the Christian questioning ends, but to me, the future lies in those future scholarships?

If you can't get ACC talent in the first 6 and only get 3 high end players, then take 3 and have 7+ in 2015-2016 recruiting window? Talent Reigns Supreme and use your heavy lifting below ammo wisely.

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