BOOM! AD Brad Bates has now quickly turned Eagle Nation Athletics around!

Again, contrary to popular belief here, I think Brad made two solid choices as Head Coaches in Football and Basketball.

They were not my first choices, but the Dazzler, (74rr), and his spectacular crew have been nothing but incredible HUSTLE and Jim Christian was very impressive in his presser and meeting the Eagle Nation.

Hey, at least Jim Christian has a direct plan with two recruiters and said so, although I was really hoping he would have said, "I am the main recruiter", but with all the uncommitted talent left to go and Anderson leaving, BC now has two 2014-2015 bullets before October Midnight Madness and 6 more in 2015-2016. JC knows BC needs Talent, so Jobs #1-10 are on his radar screen. At least JC said what he needed to do quickly.

Brad Bates may be MACOMFORTZONE centric in his Athletic Director lists, but that is what he knows? That is where he came from? That is his roots? What did you expect since he came from that MAC Midwestern cultural and athletic background?

You go with your personal strengths and what you know and Bates did exactly that and executed his plan and it was over before many knew it was over with Dazzler and with JC.

Dazzler is also very savvy. We all notice his option football strategy, but Dazzler is stockpiling a lot of huge BC "Offensive Line U" recruits and has done so very fast. He also made two spectacular transfers from UF in Patch and Tyler.

Patch may get drafted and Tyler in the few spring plays I watched may be the 2014 NCAA surprise of the season and maybe this 5th year kid is the elixir to beat FSU, (and their QB), and be the best QB in the ACC Atlantic.

Besides FSU, the way the schedule sets up with 8 games in Massachusetts, USC early at home with Tyler vs. their 2nd year QB, Clemson at home in Game 7, and at VT and at FSU in the last 4, BC no matter what the odds pundits say, has a real shot at the NCAA Playoffs.

Option Football with a running QB who can throw is lethal in College Football and even in some limited NFL contests. If BC can use the Dazzler roadgraders and control the clock with our new solid fast RB recruits, we now have a QB who is big and can also run and if he can throw effectively, then wow, BC has a punchers chance shot at "The Road to Arlington!"

I still can't believe you can get BC at 500-1 and I need someone to bet for me in Las Vegas fast before the odds drop and they will.

With Tyler playing great, and BC grinding the clock, BC offense can keep our suspect defense off the field and help our secondary, which was one of the worst I have ever seen at the Heights in talent and in technique.

I thought Rettig was going to have a shot at the Heisman last year. Maybe I was a year too early, but if BC starts 6-0 and we go into Clemson for a National TV showcase battle, don't be shocked to see Tyler Murphy on the cover of Sports Illustrated if we win in Death Valley and my Times Square 200 X 40 Heisman banner featuring Murphy's Law!

Where I think Bates needs real help is in the 4P's.

Public Relations: Our BC team, SID group needs some new talent and that April Fool's tweet during the JC week was unprofessional at best. Get a seasoned pro in there!

Press Conferences: BC needs to eliminate for all eternity the lame lies about our academic requirement restrictions with the immature, juvenile pre-programmed press questions and finally get the hell off that BC Excuse Train. Also, missed again, the scattering of microphones for questions.

Process: BC needs to get way out in front of bad tweets and bad media information by issuing SID statements that are clear, forceful and direct and most importantly, from Brad Bates. The perception of reality, which we knew was not true in the long run in this latest process, is only tough to control when you don't get in front of the message.

Planning: You can't say we have a Strategic Plan coming out in the Fall of 2013 and then disappear? Hey, just finally tell the truth or at lest what is going on and get the BOT to back you or not and say, "BC doesn't want to make the necessary hundreds of millions in stadium, arena and indoor practice facilities investments" and get it off your AD agenda and focus on Men's Lax or other AD tasks. Then the questions gets directed to the proper administration venue for capex approval, the BOT.

Congratulations for what you did for my Alma Mater!



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