NB: Bully Pulpit warning for the delicate faint of heart BC fans.

I am totally embarrassed by the discussions on all threads here for months and also years on BC blogs?

Why not go after the best coaches and the top men in America?

Isn't that what I and you were taught at CSOM and even A&S? The best and the brightest coaches who can recruit and coach? You find the best guy for your program and pay him what he wants within reason*** (explained below) and what is best for Eagle Nation?

College Sports is now a huge big BILLIONS and BILLIONS of DOLLARS business? Why is our CSOM and Administration sports and facilities model stuck back in 1950?

We are truly Boston College Puscadores!

We are so spineless and weak and willing to settle, only because we fail to shoot for the stars, and when we fall short, we always blame the usual BC off ramp Excuse Train suspects in a instant....Ohhhhhhhh academics......Ohhhhhhhh morals....Ohhhhhhh....standards....Ohhhhhh we have limited budgets.....and all else I have totally debunked for 11 years, especially with the huge inflows of new ACC Football and Basketball revenues from Tournaments and TV.

BC can afford to pry away Coach K or Tom Izzo, but alas, with our $2.3B endowment and new $335M bond cash, we are broke. It is earmarked. It is needed for whatever and of course the new planned $1B retractable dome, which slipped my mind!

We are in the best conference in America in a great college sport and we post and act like little shrinking violets and scared kittens.

We can afford Shaka, Marshall or anyone and to pay him an extra $2.0M to $2.5M a year more than Donahue! Oh my God!

How can we do that....OH OH OH the poor BC Jesuits and poor professors and poor teachers and social workers!!

When they all bring home trophies and put 8,500 in the seats for a colloquium, and get the alums to donate when we win bowls and tournament games, then call 74.

Remember the Beatles' song 8 days a week?

The hurdle rate for endowment investment return last year was a whopping 20%!

For ONE FOURTH = 25%, for you A&S dweebs of last years average performance 20%, of boom, 5% ROI = is $2.5M for 8 days.*** Within reason above explained!

So for not adding an extra base and bonus of 8 days of income, we have to drop down as all pathetic losers swallow here like lost souls, and we can't shoot for the stars?

We can afford Coach K or Coach X, Y or Z. Stop the BC EXCUSE TRAIN!

* I have no idea who the next Shaka Smart is or Gregg Marshall, but I do see the present ones.

* I have no idea if these two guys or others would even consider BC, but I would damn ask and drive hard like my FANPOST presentation and implement the long term solution with a huge base and bonus since we have the revenue and the cash and more coming in the ACC?

There are many analagies and stories I can post but, here is the best one:

In 1976, the Yankees were swept by the Reds and I sat in the snow and cold for 2 brutal games. The Boss went out apologized! .....for winning the pennant for the first time in 12 years, and then signed Gullett and Jackson and others.

The Boss said, "We need a Leader on and off the field and a spark and a power hitter!', and the Yankees outbid all for Reggie.

Reggie said, "I am the straw that stirs the drink!" and pissed off the entire team, NYC world and Billy Martin, and the Captain Thurman. The Boss upped Thurman's deal and then I witnessed what true greatness was in Game 6 in the WS from the right field stands when Reggie hit 3. The next year after Sandy Lyle won the freaking Cy Young, he was sayonara as Graig Nettles said and the Goose was throwing smoke.

BC needs that spark with 50 students at the game and most leaving at halftime.

Who can electrify and stir the Conte Morgue and put BC on the cover of Sports Illustrated and make us a National story?

Very few? The Gregg Marshall Shockers are on the cover of SI again this week! and the Shaka Shake would set Conte on fire!

Why not BC? When do we step up? We are in the ACC as a full member? We have the best opening in America?

I am ashamed of most of you LOSERS and make no mistake, you are LOSERS!

I despise laziness and losing when you have a chance at greatness and fail to take action like Winston Churchill would.

So to most of you, GTFOMAM!




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