BC -- WWJD? What would Jack Swarbrick Do? Notre Dame's Magnificent Athletic Director.

This BC Basketball Coach was an instant termination Friday AM and you cut the huge check and you move on.

Donahue can never recruit the ACC talent and national footprint black players at this high ACC conference level and his in game coaching is horrible, with or without the eardrum splitting whistling. For 11 years I have blistered BC with the truth and facts and become very disliked, but this is beyond all incompetence and BC is sunk to a new low in losertown Puscadore Village.

You all "hate" Notre Dame as our only Catholic football rival and that may actually change in a few years. Notre Dame is classy power and professional business operation at the highest level and Jack Swarbrick runs the NCAA Football Playoffs in front and in the background, like he did with the BCS and now ND runs the ACC and Commish John Swofford is a yipping purse lapdog on the porch begging for a treat.


Jack would thank SD and go find the best Head Coach? It is that simple. You honor the contract and deal you made and MAN-UP and do the right thing for Boston College.

I have blistered BC for 11 years for being the laughingstock, clownshoes and assclowns of the world, except for JY, but this is just the latest bungling and unprofessional operations of a University that wants SD gone, but doesn’t want to pay the price of past sins.

This isn’t a confessional where you get a do-over there Leahy, McGillicuddy or Hairdo? This is a big billion dollar business and you fire Donahue today and pay the man, and start the search.


You look at ND and think, why didn't we hire an assistant AD from ND, who has been trained, (like I train all of you LMAO), at the foot of the Master GENIUS Jack Swarbrick!

Assclowns to the left of me, Assclowns to the right of me….Here I am…… stuck in the middle of Texas with you.

You wake up and you are not outraged since you are numb and expect BC to operate like lazy incompetent juvenile brats and after seeing the laughable immature Strategic Plan Committee and the house lackey losers like Warren Zola and Andy Boynton combined with the HAIRDO and the rest of those lobster roll eaters, it make you cringe wearing a BC T-shirt.

From this day forward, when you speak of Notre Dame, know they are far superior in class, dignity, polish and their business school teaches you how to be winners in life and not cowardly shrinking weenies who can’t do anything in the proper professional fashion.

Our incompetent CSOM leaders should use this post as a teaching tool and new BC Business Course 101 about this BC athletic department over the past 15 years, as a case study in what and how not to do it and ask a savvy and brilliant member of the Notre Dame school or AD staff to teach it!


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