Beanpot Predictions Roundtable

Graham Beck, The Heights

A look ahead to the Beanpot

Each week, we challenge you to leave a comment and participate in the BCI hockey prediction pool. For a twist this week, we're asking you to pick the entire Beanpot: all four games, plus the MVP (5 bonus points) and the Eberly Trophy for the goalie with the best save percentage (5 more bonus points). Can you beat our esteemed panel?

Predictions from four sources are below; mine will be up on Final Thoughts later today.

First up: Bloggin' on Babcock, a BU sports blog:

Northeastern 4, Harvard 2
BOLD STANCE FILLED WITH FLAVOR AND FLAMING TAKES: This is Northeastern's year. Please don't let them screw it up in the first round.

Boston College 6, Boston University 3
A large part of me thinks this game (much like the one played a few weeks ago) will be much, much closer than it has any responsible business being. Part of me even thinks BU might be able to win. We'll call those parts "33 percent," and accept that they do not believe in rational thought or logic and are avoiding the obvious answer: BU is probably going to lose, and probably going to lose even worse than this.

Harvard 4, Boston University 3
Third time in four years. THIRD TIME IN FOUR YEARS. And would now be a good time to mention that BU is only one point back from eighth in Hockey East and only two back from seventh? Home ice for the first round of the Hockey East playoffs is totally obtainable for a team that is 1-8-2 since Thanksgiving, has one win away from Agganis Arena and lost to Bentley at home. With games against UMass-Lowell, New Hampshire, Notre Dame and Northeastern left, it's so not happening, but it's still possible.

Northeastern 4, Boston College 3
Because I want nice things that bring happiness. Also, I don't think I'm any good at this.

MVP: Kevin Hayes is not on the team I picked. I still hope he wins this award.

Eberly: Barring an insane pair of performances from Matt O'Connor or Raphael Girard, this has to be Clay Witt's to lose. Point nine-four-three, y'all.

And now, Ryan Lambert (@twolinepass / Yahoo! Sports)

Boston College / Boston University
BC. Self-explanatory.

Northeastern / Harvard
NU. Also self-explanatory.

Boston University / Harvard
Who cares?

Boston College / Northeastern
BC. Further self-explanatory.

MVP: Gaudreau
Eberly: Demko

CoachJF, budding BCI Legend

Boston College 4, Boston University 3
Northeastern 4, Harvard 2

Boston College 4, Northeastern 3

MVP: Johnny Gaudreau, Boston College
Eberle: Clay Witt, Northeastern

Grant Salzano

Boston College 5, Boston University 1
With a BC goal waved off, as is tradition. Take away two goals if Kevin Hayes doesn't play, so 3-1 BC.

BC is hitting their stride and BU can't get out of their own way. I get that BU will be 'up' for this game, but so will BC, and there is too much of a talent difference to see BU take this.

Northeastern 3, Harvard 1
But Harvard will outshoot NU almost 2 to 1. That seems about right given how the Huskies have played lately.

Boston College 3, Northeastern 1
If this was a month or two ago I would have absolutely picked NU to win, because it would be funny and because they're good enough to do it. But BC is just on too much of a hot streak. And if Kevin Hayes is back in time for the final then forget it.

Boston University 3, Harvard 2
Because reasons.

MVP: If Hayes plays, he is my pick. Too much talent on the first line for it not to go to one of them and I give the nod to Hayes since he's been getting the goals to Gaudreau's assists (last game vs. PC notwithstanding).

If Hayes doesn't play... It's really hard to go with someone other than Gaudreau or Arnold, but I'm going off a total hunch and will say Cangelosi. Its been younger guys the last few years, and if Cangelosi is put with Gaudreau like he was at the end of the PC game, he might have himself a nice tournament.

Eberly: Absolutely will be Clay Witt, and you can take it to the bank. Not because he's going to be particularly amazing but because BC is going to outshoot its opponents like crazy if they play BU and NU, so Demko won't have a shot.

AJ Black (A little late to the game, but still got his prediction in)

Boston College 5, Boston University 4
I want to see the Terriers get destroyed but they always seem to be ready for us, and I think this game will be closer than expected.

Northeastern 4, Harvard 1

Boston College 3, Northeastern 0
The legend of Thatcher Demko begins.

MVP: Kevin Hayes
Eberly: Thatcher Demko

Dan Rubin a k a New Guy

Boston College 4, Boston University 1
Northeastern 3, Harvard 2

Boston College 2, Northeastern 1 (OT)
Boston University 2, Harvard 1

MVP: Hayes. Unless he doesn't play then it's Gaudreau
Eberly: Witt. Though girard is my sleeper because Harvard tends to just lean on him

And the blogfather, Brian Favat:

Boston College 5, Boston University 2

Northeastern 4, Harvard 2
Boston College 6, Northeastern 4

Boston University 5, Harvard 3

MVP: #JohnnyHockey
Eberly: Thatcher Demko

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