Go on the record on the upcoming Brad Bates decision on Stephen Donahue's future!

Here is your chance to go on the record and no excuses!

What do you think Bates will do at the end of the Hoops Season?

What would you think of Bates if he retained Donahue?

What would you do if you were BC Athletic Director?

Here are my 5 possibilities, there could be more?

· 1> Brad Bates says nothing and just retains Donahue. No one here knows for sure what are Donahue’s contract terms or if it’s a rollover deal. If there is a rollover, no one knows if the rollover was terminated during the last 4 years, or the bottom line, what is the 2014 contract buyout. Knowing BC’s poor leadership history, this may or may not be an issue.

Early on in his tenure, Bates gave a huge ESPN puff interview that BC is now ready for prime time and the big time greatness and he has a goal to bring BC to new "Heights" which again, is what any new hire would say.

I assume that must include spending cash on new Coaches and facilities with the new ACC surge in revenues. But so far, there are no huge hundreds of millions in capex spend in the now probably non-existent, continually delayed mysterious BC Strategic Plan.

· 2> Brad Bates retains Donahue and his present set of assistants, or maybe even some new assistant hires over this summer. The next season 2014-2015 Donahue gets to recruit 6 or so players and BC would have to let the incoming class know what Donahue’s status and years are as BC Head Coach.

Brad may actually have to then bolster Donahue for his future recruiting efforts with….are you ready…..brace yourselves by extending Stephen Donahue’s contract to help him in recruiting!

Why would any 4 or 5 star ACC level kid, or even a 3 star kid, even consider BC knowing Donahue has short years or so left, unless there is a rollover clause and there are more years than we know? I know, no 4 or 5 stars have come in 4 years here with Donahue, and rarely before him at BC, or at his long tenure at Cornell.

Why would any 4 or 5 star ACC level kid, or even a 3 star kid, even consider BC anyway with the last 4 years of performance and Stephen Donahue’s style and recruiting and scholarship management failures?

So if Bates retains Donahue, he is in reality, all in with Stephen Donahue, and really has to back him and his AD decision with what I said in jest becoming reality….a contract extension, or explain a possible rollover deal.

Stephen Donahue has horrible proven track record as an ACC recruiter and from the game threads and our hoops experts some serious in-game coaching issues and combined with his lack recruiting talent.

If this happens, let the BC Excuse Train and Jesuit Spin Show begin.

· 3> Brad Bates retains Donahue and says or does nothing and to quell the anger and pitchforks from the fan base, Bates then throws BC’s Leaders and his AD career under the bus wheels by saying BC is too cheap and doesn’t want to change Coaches.

You can look at this option two ways. It was a pre-packaged BC sham shill show to focus fan base angry on the BC Leaders and take the heat off of Bates, or Bates insanely puts his career in jeopardy or in most cases a future certain death spiral. A real long shot either way, but the first scenario is an old BC Excuse Train ploy.

· 4> Brad Bates fires Stephen Donahue, hires a low end Coach and with that hiring many here are unhappy. BC says nothing or little about the per year contract being at the low end.

· 5> Brad Bates fires Stephen Donahue and makes a big coaching national splash hire that we all want and what Bates mentioned in his big ESPN interview.

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