Coach K and Duke or why BC is a lazy embarrassing LOSER HOOPS SCHOOL!

Duke has it all figured out and makes BC look like absolutely ridiculous, incompetent, lazy assclowns since Duke's Fuqua business school people and school administration leaders saw the changing NCAA Basketball paradigm and made the professional and intelligent adjustments for the big business revenue model that is NCAA Hoops.

Instead of whining about the Kentucky and Memphis exodus of "one and done's" under Calipari and other schools, Duke said:

"We want to win too, so when the NCAA to NBA draft rules changed, to stay in the top echelons of college basketball and generate huge revenues for our Duke athletics and win titles, we too shall also make the necessary paradigm changes!"

Ya see my little BC kiddies, an equal or better high academic University like DUKE.....


If you NCAA qualify at Kentucky, you qualify at Duke or Harvard or even BC!

Duke University looked in the mirror and realized what they had to do and committed to changing it's recruiting strategy and athletic business model or paradigm. Duke doesn't make excuses or whine embarrassingly like some immature BC fans or alums or leaders, they take MANTOWN action!

Duke knows there are no restrictions in NCAA Hoops except the false non-existent shackles one puts on their small thinking little minds, or once again, the Boston College leaders, fans and alums.

Duke now still recruits the best players, but "one and done" perception of a bad sports reality is no longer a concern. Why? It never was a concern when the NCAA changed their rules, since some these kids peaked early athletically and were ready for the NBA.

Duke changed with the times like any business school or corporation.

College Football and basketball are now big professional businesses. 2011 Kylie Irving; 2012 Austin Rivers; and maybe now 2013 Jabari Parker, one and done's.

Look at the next class of most likely some one and done's:

SF 4 Justise Winslow (St. John's School) Houston, TX 6-6/205 11/21/2013
C 1 Jahlil Okafor (Whitney Young Magnet HS) Chicago, IL 6-11/260 11/15/2013
PG 2 Tyus Jones (Apple Valley Sr.) Apple Valley, MN 6-1/175 11/15/2013
SG 7 Grayson Allen (Providence Christian School) Riverview, FL 6-3/180 04/24/2013

This is 57% of the TOP CLASS of 2014 IN AMERICA in one school. Rated 1-7.

So when all my little BC minions, whiners and excuse makers get a chance, please tell 74 what are these strange restrictions are that some here talk about when I see great and some better academic schools in the AP Top 25 Basketball Rankings?

As always, ENJOY!


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