Globe Today: BC's Hoops Program Turmoil and Al Skinner Revisionist History

Required reading in the Globe sent to me linked below!

After Al Skinner signed his extension, and even way before on the old Eagle Insider, I posted why are Gonzaga, Georgetown, Xavier, St. Mary's, Villanova and other Catholic schools and peer academic schools getting all the talent and especially big men?

Then the previous years, 2/3 years before Skinner was fired, I put him on recruiting probation. I named him the Lazy Barcolounger since he recruited by long distance phone and only cared about his lunch Rec Plex hoops stats.

Mind you this was way, way before the post firing Bob Ryan column.

Al quickly rewarded my humble genius, by coming up a recruiting crapper and then the singular year he could not get one talented kid to play for him in the ACC. Then the damning nuclear bomb Bob Hurley comments that "Al Skinner was seen in his building and other recruiting hotbeds as rare as an Elvis sighting!"

Then 74 went ballistic and named him Lazy Elvis and the key to recruiting is face-to-face, travelling and hustling like our Dazzler and it seemed our Lazy Elvis has a nice warm barcolounger and long term deal.

Hurley was and is the most respected HS coaches in any sport and he deemed Al Skinner lazy! Why?

Because Al Skinner was damn lazy!

As you know I am the number 1 GDF hater on the BC internet, but GDF was dead balls right in sending him away and Bob Ryan was right too and all this new crony club bullcrap today about "Let's help old Al Skinner get a Head Coaching Job" story today is disgusting, repugnant and revolting.

Hey Al, you had a great job and went no where for decades in the NCAA's and these assistants banding together can't re-write your last or prior recruiting years or your sitting on your ass pal.

You know how 74 hates LAZY and Al was LAZY and read those internet comments and got even LAZIER! Ryan was right!

The worst was 74 aptly name Al Skinner's "Ronco Etch-A-Turnover White Eraser Board" where I counted after 4 straight BC timeouts, BC not only did not get a good shot, but got 4 straight turnovers! That and BC's inability to inbounds the ball or defend another team's inbounding was deplorable coaching and add in his outdated and strange FLEX offense no one wants to play today, and some hated it when BC was successful.

That stupid flex offense, which stifles the new faster paced game and inner city talents, Al Skinner was lucky he got a gift BC extension and all those millions and maybe it even hurt recruiting for stubborn lazy Al!

Stay where you are and collect your NBA pension, assistant coaching salary and all the free millions BC gave you and one more thing, GTFOMAM!

Today's BS story is ironic timing considering the cat calls for Bruce Pearl who hustled like crazy in his career recruiting and the failures of a guy who should had never been hired by BC in Steve Donahue who was way out of his league recruiting black kids.

If BC hires, or even considers listening to this revisionist Globe crap, then show me the last few years of Al's recruiting classes and his expense reports from recruiting?

To me this is all about Bruce Pearl and these guys trying to influence some sort of miracle comeback for Skinner at the Heights considering Pearl's past minor sins which he just happened to get caught.

What was Al's NCAA record? 9 Years (7-9), 0 Final Fours, 0 Championships and that blown Villanova lead in the NCAA's!

In Pearl's last 6 years, Tennessee hit the Top 16, AP highs for the year, and Tennessee was competitive. Tennessee was 1 in 2007-2008 and finished 5th.

I want a hustler and a guy who can coach, recruit and Pearl fits all bills as do many others. Skinner fits none now and Steve Donahue was never qualified since whether he can coach or not, he simply can't recruit talent and never could.

To all the guys who commented in today's story, fine. You keep Al on your staff and maybe someone hires him and give him a nice recommendation. Not at my BC!

74 knows better. Look at the performance record and recruiting in last few years, the same benchmarks I used for Steve Donahue.

If anyone BC should apologize too and take back it would be Jeff Jagodinski and Steve Logan. GDF was truly the Prince Darkness of Dante's Last Rectum of Hell, but in this case, he was right.

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