BC should be ashamed of itself for the "Towers of Lies and Smears" it has allowed to be spread and perpetuated on the air including last night with Sean McDonough and through other media outlets!

Just the facts:

1- When BC hired him and Logan, all were happy with the recruiting team, of which Spazoo was a Defensive Coordinator, and part of the recruiting process. Unlike Whipple who said no to Spazoo on his staff and GDF rejected his first choice, Jeff had to take on the wooden Indian catatonic calzone cushion.

2- Year 1. ACC Title game loss and bowl. Not one word about the players Jags/Logan brought in, just a snipe by TOblunders0-16, about his guys whom he never won with by the way, and the TOB ceiling, BUT not one word about the guys Jags and Logan bring in for the program.

3- Year 2. Ryan is gone and Jags brings BC to ACC title game with a new QB!, and bowl. Then like all coaches goes for a beauty contest interview with the Jets which doesn't violate his contract.

GDF has a immature nuclear temper tantrum breakdown and ultimatum and fires Jags with of course, a stack of resumes on his desk. GDF then makes a monumental disaster level blunder with long term domino affects, (74 called it PERFECT and RR), and hires Spazoo the Lazy, who was passed over 2 years before and was never even a possibility.

Mind you nary a mention of Jags and Logan recruiting. Logan leaves and so does Bicknell.

4- Year 1. Spazoo takes Jags players and goes to a bowl. Jags is never mentioned in the beginning of many people noticing the fast decline and recruiting failures of Frank Spaziani.

5- Year 2. Spazoo goes to a bowl. Again, Jags is never mentioned in the beginning of the recruiting failures of Frank Spaziani, but beyond all sanity and comprehension, GDF extends Spazoo 2 more years to help with recruiting.

Jags and Logan again, are never mentioned by GDF and Spazoo!

6- Year 3. Spazoo Death spiral. Mind you Spazoo the lazy is running off Jags guys. I plead with BC to fire Spazoo and GDF. Jags is never mentioned as a recruiting disaster.

7- Year 4. Spazoo Death Spiral ends. GDF "resigns" (read fired), for numerous sins including the MDLB and the extension and other mortal sins. Spazoo is fired. Time to shore up BC and GDF and Spazoo so we start blaming Jags and Logan for recruiting? These guys were gone for 4 or maybe 5 recruiting wheels?

What happened last night is not unusual. It is America today. Sean McDonough, BC, and ESPN all owe Jeff Jagodinski a major apology for these horrible lies and despicable smears.

I am ashamed of the embarrassing lies and smears that BC perpetuates on Jeff Jagodinski.

BC is the "Tower of Lies and the Heights of Irresponsibility!". I hope all here step up like I did and inform BC to cease and desist and realize that the Goomba Chronicles and mainly the Master of Disaster was Gene DeFilippo and his stooge Spazoo the Lazy.

I remember Jags doing the Polish Polka on the field at Lane. Compare that to the frozen catatonic Cheif Sadface of the Calzones.

BC is despicable for allowing that to be broadcast last night without many apologies.

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