Boston College Football Vs. Bye Week / College Football Open Thread

Jared Wickerham

Go Eagles! Beat the bye week!

This weekend's slate of college football games is pretty brutal. I mean, ESPN's College GameDay is in Fargo, North Dakota to visit the FCS North Dakota State Bison as they take on the 0-2 Delaware St. Hornets (which is one more College GameDay than Syracuse has ever hosted ... trololol #OrangeEagle).

I take it Elon was unavailable to host this week?

If you absolutely had to miss a weekend of college football this fall, this would probably be the week to catch up on yard work or something. There's plenty of solid stuff, but nothing that really qualifies as must-see action. But if you still need your college football fix, here are some games worth watching. Hey, maybe we can even chat about them in the comment section?

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Week 4 TV Line Up and Game Lines

Saturday, September 21, 2013 [All Times Eastern]

Game Network Line (Over/Under) Time Comment
North Carolina at Georgia Tech Channel_espn_hd_logo_medium
GT -6.5 (59) 12:00 PM Big-time showdown in the Coastal Division
Marshall at Virginia Tech Screen_shot_2013-09-21_at_12 VT -9.5 (49) 12:00 PM Hokies on upset alert in Blacksburg?
Michigan State at Notre Dame Screen_shot_2013-09-21_at_1
ND -5 (42) 3:30 PM Gonna be ugly
Tennessee at Florida Channel_cbs_hd_logo_medium
UF -16 (45.5) 3:30 PM One of the better games of the weekend, which isn't saying a whole lot.
Utah State at USC Screen_shot_2013-09-21_at_12
USC -6.5 (49.5) 3:30 PM Let's see how the Aggies fare as they visit LA.
West Virginia vs. Maryland
Screen_shot_2013-09-21_at_12 MD -5 (54) 3:30 PM Are the Terps for real?
Arizona State at Stanford Screen_shot_2013-09-21_at_12
STAN -6.5 (52.5) 7:00 PM Game of the week, I guess
Auburn at LSU Channel_espn_hd_logo_medium LSU -17 (54) 7:45 PM Other game of the week?
Kansas State at Texas Screen_shot_2013-09-21_at_12
TX -6.5 (59) 8:00 PM Kansas State has won five straight in this series like whoa.
Michigan at Connecticut Screen_shot_2013-09-21_at_12
UM -19.5 (51.5) 8:00 PM Rent gonna be rocking
Utah at BYU Channel_espn_2_hd_logo_medium
BYU -7 (62.5) 10:15 PM "Holy War" label confusion
New Mexico State at UCLA Screen_shot_2013-09-21_at_1
UCLA -42.5 (67) 10:30 PM Aggies on pace to give up the most points in Division I-A history. BC will still probably barely crack 30.

What else you watching this weekend?

Go Eagles! Beat the bye week!

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