AJ In Season Primer and Schooling Lesson: #1

AJ In Season Primer and Schooling Lesson: #1

I am starting a new 74 series for the Eagle Nation blog for my main misguided antagonist Mr. AJ:

This is not to embarrass him or insult anyone, but hopefully make you understand once and for all, as a blogger tangling with me, you are light years out of your level of competition and league and these "74 Lessons" will serve as a sports guide and teaching internet class for all BC Nation!

Some guys run 4.3 at the combine and play slow on the field.

Some guys run slower at the combine or being clocked and like when for some examples, Herzy won ACC Defender of the year, he looked like a blazing fast cat with quickness and gazelle speed on the field, or like Zach Thomas, or so many, many undrafted and sleeper defenders and running backs in football history.

Hershel Walker was the same type of Andre Williams runner and when the NFL figured him out as a straight-on runner like Andre, he was not as effective and Andre …..doesn’t have that level of Walker speed.

I know speed. I saw speed last night with LSU and TCU. Andre Williams is not in game fast speedy.


Good morning and I am never wrong and I have a much larger reference and hard drive access to not only debate you but again, I own you and like to toy with your sad misplaced barbs.

Alex Amidon….now that dude is FFFFAST and has in game speed, quickness and skills. That is speed.

Have a nice day to my number one pupil and next time "come heavy or don’t come at all!"

On sidebar after class:

You main concern as all here is after all these years was the BC play sequencing versus a lesser opponent like Villanova, only garnered 24 points and BC went Turtle again with a short lead?

BC should have exploited this game opportunity and passed on the early downs and set the tone for the season!


That should be your main blog content this week. Ryan Day was probably worse than my generous grade and the big picture, which you always miss AJ, is that what would have happened if Villanova had not missed 2 incredibly easy TD’s and scored and what would Ryan Day’s poor calls been and for the future….what if this was a much better team?


Hit the print button and study for maybe a surprise 74 pop quiz.

I enjoyed posting this here to all of Eagle Nation and consider it one of my best in 11 years!


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