Remember when the arrogant red state socialists Boston Globe made fun of Allen, Texas and the new $60M stadium and we had a long thread and wait until you see this BC kids:

OXNARD, Calif. _ The Dallas Cowboys will share a domed stadium with the Frisco Independent School District that will serve as the club’s indoor practice facility and host high school football games, sources said.

The Frisco city council is scheduled to vote on the impending move of the Cowboys practice facility Monday evening. If approved, sources said Frisco officials and owner Jerry Jones will hold a press conference Tuesday on the 91-acre site located at the northwest corner of Warren Parkway and the Dallas North Tollway to discuss specifics.

One of the more intriguing specifics is the construction of an indoor facility that will benefit the Cowboys and Frisco schools.

Sources said the Cowboys and the school district will share the costs for a domed stadium that will seat a minimum of 12,000 fans for games. It will be a multi-use facility that can be re-configured to accommodate up to 22,000 for concerts and other events.
Wow …other uses….whodathunkit????

The Frisco ISD will have use of the facility on Thursday and Friday evenings for football games. As the first school district in the state with an indoor stadium, it will also be an attractive destination to host potential playoff games.

The Cowboys, meanwhile, will once again have an indoor facility for practice in inclement or freezing weather. The club chose not to erect a new facility after their practice bubble collapsed during a storm four years ago at Valley Ranch.

There are currently six schools in the Frisco ISD. A seventh will be added in 2014 and an eight in ’15. The district uses two stadiums for their high school games at the moment: Frisco ISD Memorial Stadium and FC Dallas Stadium.

Instead of building a new stadium to accommodate the addition of two more schools, Frisco ISD officials decided it was best to enter a joint venture with the Cowboys. It will be similar to the district’s arrangement with FC Dallas. The facility will include all the bells and whistles that come with a Texas high school football stadium, including locker rooms and a scoreboard.

A few years ago Allen’s new $60 million, 18,000-seat high school football stadium made national headlines for its cost and design. Eagle Stadium hosted its first game a year ago.
The building of the retractable dome on St. John’s was always the perfect genius vision. That would free up the lower campus after the demolition for the mods and the rec plex for another beautiful development and renovation of outdated Conte or a new facility.
BC continues to be clownshoes embarrassing.
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