ACC Football Schedule: Correcting The Looming Louisville Crossover Error


[Ed. note -- Front Page'd]

Well, since the last few days here have turned to conference realignment/restructuring talk, I figured I should flesh out the argument I've made in the comments thread of several posts. Namely, when Louisville joins the ACC, it should crossover with Virginia Tech and Virginia should switch to Boston College.

Here is why:

1. When Louisville joins, it will be the second most geographically isolated ACC school (behind Miami). The two closest ACC schools by road are Virginia Tech (384 miles) and Pittsburgh (387 miles). As planned, Louisville will play neither of those schools on a regular basis. The closest school it would play, Virginia is more than 100 miles further at 495 miles. This would make it the most isolated school for an annual matchup as Miami to FSU is only 481 miles.

2. Pairing Louisville with Virginia Tech gives it an annual game with the closest ACC school. Absent this, Louisville would be only the second ACC school after FSU (other than interchangable NC schools) not to play its closest conference member. Boston College-Syracuse, Syracuse-Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh-Virginia, Virginia-Virginia Tech, Virginia Tech-Virginia, NC schools (technically Wake Forest-North Carolina misses but irrelevant), Clemson-Georgia Tech, Georgia Tech-Clemson, Florida State-Georgia Tech, Miami-Florida State. They all play annually except Florida State-Georgia Tech (which miss everyone acknowledges is a weakness of current setup).

3. The total driving distance of the two matchups would improve roughly 25% from 1200 miles combined to 931. Virginia Tech would get the biggest gain, going from a game 705 miles away to a game 384 miles away.

4. In the 2013 US News Rankings, BC (30) is one of seven ACC schools in the top 50. [#goacc] The other six are Duke (8), UVA (24), Wake (27), UNC (30), GTech (36), and Miami (44). BC only plays one of those six annually. [hence #TheRivalry?] Pairing BC with UVA gives it a second academic peer matchup.

5. BC has a significant alumni presence in the DC/NoVa area, supporting a pairing with Virginia.

6. Unlike other ideas batted around for tweaks and improvements, no divisional changes are required to make this happen. It is a simple switch once Louisville joins which won't disrupt any schedule planning.

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