EA Sports NCAA Football 14: Boston College Receives 86 Overall Rating


Boston College is rated 5th in the ACC....wait what?

EA Sports' NCAA Football 14 doesn't come out until July 9, but you can now get a sneak-peek at the overall team rankings for all 126 FBS schools. Not only has first-year coach Steve Addazio breathed new life into the Eagles' football program, he's also breathed new life into the video game version of the Eagles' football program.

Coming off a 2-10 campaign, Boston College received an overall team score of 86. That's tied for the fifth best rating in the ACC -- whaaaa? -- behind only Virginia Tech (93), Clemson (93), Florida State (91), North Carolina (91) and Miami (90). The Eagles are in a three-way tie at 86 with Georgia Tech and ... Maryland (?!) in conference, as well as with Arizona, Boise State, Kansas State, Northwestern, Tennessee, Texas Tech and Utah.

The Eagles' offense, one that finished the year ranked 100th nationally in total offense, 119th in rushing offense and 111th in scoring offense received an 86. The D -- 102nd nationally in total defense and 113th in rushing defense -- received an 85. Sure it's just a video game, but I'd say our friends at EA Sports were a bit ... generous ... with their ranking of BC. Apparently EA Sports thinks that Spaz had as much of a detrimental factor as some BC fans do.

Here's how the rest of the ACC stacks up in terms of overall, offensive and defensive ratings.

Rank Program 2012 Record Overall Offense Defense
1t Clemson 11-2 93 95 90
1t Virginia Tech 7-6 93 91 95
3t Florida State 12-2 91 93 92
3t North Carolina 8-4 91 91 90
5t Louisville 11-2 90 93 88
5t Miami 7-5 90 91 88
7t Boston College 2-10 86 86 85
7t Georgia Tech 7-7 86 83 88
9t Virginia 4-8 84 86 83
9t N.C. State 7-6 84 84 85
11 Wake Forest 5-7 83 83 85
12 Syracuse 8-5 81 83 80
13 Duke 6-7 79 79 78
14 Pittsburgh 6-7 77 77 80

A few other observations:

-- Boston College's non-conference opponents stack up as follows: Army (76), New Mexico State (65) and USC (91). Villanova isn't included because FCS schools aren't licensed.

-- Alabama is apparently the Sugar Buzz (old school Madden reference) of NCAA '14, rocking a perfect 99 in both offense and defense. Nick Saban's wizardry extends to video games as well apparently.

-- The lowest overall rating in the game? That would go to Georgia State who recently joined FBS play this year. Coming in at 125? The UMass Minutemen. **sad trombone**

The game will be released July 9th, which means my entire month of July will be wasted playing on my xBox. At least in my virtual video game world Boston College will be a national contender. I can pretend, can't I?

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