Former Head Coach Lt. Denny Myers And The 1942 Boston College Eagles

Via @Andrew_SV_Matth, a picture of former Boston College football coach Lt. Denny Myers with Lt. Dale Burnett, pro football star of the New York Giants. Cool to see a piece of Eagles football history.


Dennis E. "Denny" Myers compiled a 35-27-4 record in seven seasons (1941-1950) as the coach of the Eagles, including an 8-0 start to the 1942 season that ended with back-to-back losses to Holy Cross (55-12) and Alabama in the Orange Bowl (37-21).

Here's an article in the November 11, 1942 edition of The Lewiston Daily Sun with the Eagles sitting at 6-0 that year. Love the imagery and colorful language of the 1940s sportswriting.


Coach Myers Isn't Worrying About Any of 3 Remaining Games

High Flying Eagles Have Scored 155 Points Against 13 in Winning Six Games

BOSTON, Nov. 10-AP-Now that they have seen their rugged Boston College Eagles reach the two-thirds stage of their Sugar Bowl football journey without a mishap, Coach Denny Myers and his aides are willing to risk signs of contentment.

"We still have three games to play -- Fordham, Boston University and Holy Cross -- but I'm not worrying about any of them," Myers explained.

"I know our boys will be 'up' for all of those rivals. What I was worrying about was last Saturday's Temple game. The Owls haven't been going anywhere this season and we didn't seem to get worked up about them beforehand."

Myers, however, had little fault to find with his charges' performance against Temple. While registering their fourth shutout -- the others were at the expense of West Virginia, Wake Forest and Georgetown -- the Eagles clawed the Owls in aggressive fashion from start to finish.

As they now sharpen their many keen football weapons for the Fordham Rams, the Eagles have piled up a total of 155 points to 13 and 83 first downs to 44.

With such a wealth of rugged ball-carriers, most of the Boston College gains, which total 2,381 yards, have been overland. Last week, halfback Mickey Connolly, who now has acquired the highly prized knack of tossing on the run, out-did himself as a passer and as a result, the Eagles now have completed 29 of the 83 aerials they have launched in six games for a total of 606 yards.

Defensively, the Eagles never have caused Myers any concern. Rivals have gained only an average of a bit more than 26 yards rushing and 46 more through the air per game.

"Fordham, Boston University and Holy Cross probably are not as strong as some of the teams we have beaten to date but I have no worries about over-confidence," Myers said.

"All of them are our natural rivals and our players are determined to beat them."

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