Boston College Daily Links: In Which Cincinnati, UConn And Temple Find A Way Into The ACC


Daily links for Thursday, March 7.

There are lots of questions to be answered, but could Temple ultimately become Philly's big realignment winner? (VU Hoops)
Could Temple end up being the biggest winner of conference realignment? If the ACC starts its own network, does Temple become a viable expansion candidate? Short answer: no. The ACC Network getting off the ground is far from a thing. I doubt it ever even gets off the ground. There are too many disruptive technologies out there -- a la carte cable TV, YouTube -- that I can't see the conference putting all its eggs in a conference-specific TV network.

Bulls Recon: The UConn Blog Talks UConn Basketball and Realignment Angst (Voodoo Five)
Apparently UConn will be in the ACC within the year, pending the Maryland lawsuit. You know, that silly little lawsuit that's the only thing keeping the conference together at the moment. According to Jim Calhoun, naturally.

Batman being summoned to Cincinnati's snowy stadium (
Actually, this is just a symbol for John Swofford.

Q&A with GSU OC Jeff Jagodzinski (
Q: Any aspirations to be a head coach again? A: Oh, I think I will be. It’s just a matter of what opportunity will come by. All I’m concerned about right now is what I’ve got. I can’t worry about what I don’t have. I have the best job in the world because this is the one I’ve got.

Smith, Ryan Recognized By Atlanta Sports Council (Atlanta Falcons)
Matt Ryan and head coach Mike Smith's honor-filled offseason continued Tuesday night when they were recognized by the Atlanta Sports Council at their annual Atlanta Sports Awards banquet. Ryan was named pro athlete of the year, beating out teammate Tony Gonzalez and Braves pitcher Craig Kimbrel.

Injury Reports (The Boston College Hockey Blog)
Whitney questionable for Friday's game. Wey probable. Alber is back but won't play this weekend; maybe for the Hockey East Tournament.

Six Eagles Earn Hockey East Accolades (
Boston College saw three of its freshman named to the Pro Ambitions All-Rookie Team – Forward Haley Skarupa (Rockville, Md., unanimous selection), forward Dana Trivigno (Setauket, N.Y.), and defenseman Lexi Bender (Snohomish, Wash.).

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