ACC-Bound Syracuse Under NCAA Investigation For 'Major and Wide-Ranging' Violations, Per Report

Some interesting company you keep there, Jim. - David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports


According to a report in, Syracuse University athletics is under investigation by the NCAA for a series of wide-ranging and major violations. The school has received a letter of preliminary inquiry from the NCAA per sources. The investigation includes the football program but is primarily focused on the men's basketball program, though not related to the allegations against former assistant coach Bernie Fine.

The NCAA investigating Syracuse isn't exactly new news, but the scope of the inquiry has grown larger. A year ago Syracuse admitted to an ongoing NCAA inquiry into possible violations of its drug policy. The investigation may also focus on the way the 2007 sexual assault case involving Jonny Flynn, Scoop Jardine and Rick Jackson was handled.

The NCAA's interest in the sexual assault case dates back to 2007 or 2008, when SU philosophy professor Sam Gorovitz called the association's then-president, Myles Brand, and spoke to him directly. Gorovitz knew Brand from days when they were on a committee with the American Philosophical Association.


Ridpath, the former compliance officer, said the NCAA puts a four-year statute of limitations on most infractions. But there's no expiration date for investigating more serious cases of "gross, willful and wanton disregard for the rules," he said.

When asked to characterize how large the scope of the NCAA probe might be, a source with knowledge of the case told "Throw a dart at the [NCAA] Manual [and you would hit a violation by Syracuse]."

So, of course, Syracuse NCAA violation dartboard.

Like Boston College, as a private school Syracuse can't be FoIA'd so we won't get to see the initial letter. The next step would be the NCAA issuing a notice of allegations spelling out the detailed violations. All. of. the. jokes aside, 'Cuse fans may want to buckle up here, because unless the NCAA puts the same people on the Syracuse investigation as were on the Miami one, this may not end well.

Syracuse begins play in the NCAA Tournament tomorrow against Montana in San Jose. When the Orange joins the ACC for next season, Boston College and Syracuse will play annually in football and twice in a home-and-home in basketball. The Eagles and Orange will face one another in the regular season finale on Saturday, November 30 at the Dome.

For more on the NCAA investigation into Syracuse, check out Troy Nunes Is An Absolute Magician. #goacc

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