Boston College Football: Recapping Second Football Town Hall Meeting


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Today I had the chance to attend the second Town Hall Meeting on BC's campus. I did not attend the first session so today was my initial interaction with Brad Bates and Coach Addazio. I walked away impressed and enthusiastic.

I was pleasantly surprised to see Addazio join the meeting today and even more surprised that he spent about half an hour talking and taking questions. Let me outline some of his points for those who were not in attendance.

1. Coach read a poem about an oak tree that was bent with the wind, losing its leaves but was always strong because of its roots. He used this poem as an analogy to Boston College. That we have had some down times but we will come back just as strong.

2. Enthusiasm! I absolutely loved his enthusiasm. You could see his passion for BC and for BC football. Like Spaz would say, but not as the excuse, he doesn't care about recruiting rankings. He wants kids who fit the mold. Kids whose dream is to come to Boston College as a destination, not as a platform to the NFL. Kids who wants to come back with their wife and kids when they are older and be proud of the University.

3. Coach did mention his background was the run game, but he isn't necessarily looking for a dual threat QB. He wants a QB with "it" like Flutie and Ryan had. If a pocket passer has "it" then so be it. However, I do believe we will be moving away from a pocket passing game after this year. He will always be a run first coach.

4. A question was asked about the drop-off in our offensive line. We seemed to be getting smaller on the offensive line and would we target bigger players. Coach indicated that the quickness and caliber of the player is more important than the size. He wants a lineman who will chase a player downfield and destroy him on a finished block. Not a slower 300+ pounder who holds zone blocks.I was impressed to hear that he receives calls from former players, like Marc Colombo, telling Addazio to bring back that nastiness the o-line used to have.

5. Recruiting, recruiting, recruiting is his #1 priority. In fact, he is already recruiting for next year. They will honor this year's commits but expects some roster players to leave, being the nature of the beast with a new coach. Coach believes his staff has a lot of contacts thought the northeast, south and PA/OH. Now that Siravo is gone, we can begin recruiting in some new areas.

6. As we have heard before, the defense is going to be aggressive. There were many chuckles when he mentioned BC would not be a bend but don't break defense. We all knew this was Spaz's gameplan. He wants to get at the quarterback and to be aggressive, which we all knew when he hired Don Brown.

Once Addazio left, Brad Bates came to the podium and wanted feedback on the program. Many of the questions revolved around tailgating access, time constraints and parking. There are some serious thoughts around parking for non-donors, increased tailgate time and beer and wine tents. One old hag from Richmond, VA had the nerve to say that increased tailgate time would lead to more drunks and problems. I'd like to know how one hour, for example, would lead to a drunkfest? 3 hours is fine, but 4 hours?! Nooooo way! Everyone will be hammered!!!

If any of you were there, I actually asked the question about the bathroom in the upper deck, telling Bates I had a bladder like a thimble. 74, if you're reading this, it sounds like they are working on adding restrooms up there! Just not ready for this fall. But Brad had heard about that and wants to add restrooms.

Non-conference schedules came up and Bates did say he wanted one premier non-conference game on the schedule each year. He also promised this is the last year we will have only 6 home games. He admitted we were stuck this year after the ACC moved back to 8 games.

Beer and wine in the stands is also a possibility and seems to be a common theme. When our table asked our representative if it was an NCAA rule not to have alcohol at games, he said no, not at all. Way back when it may have but not now. The idea is that if beer and wine are sold in the stadium (and maybe shut off after the 1st or 2nd quarter), people will be in their seats prior to kickoff because they don't need to suck down all they have in the parking lot.

Ultimately, this administration is committed to winning and making a better game day experience. I think this coming year may be a struggle due to Spaz's recruits, but Addazio may get more wins out of them than expected. After listening to him, I was seriously ready for the season to start tomorrow.

Go Eagles!!

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