APRIL 2010: Why 74 is the World's Greatest Humble Sports Genius!:


Postby BCEagle74 on Sat Apr 03, 2010 11:25 pm


If Talent Reigns Supreme, ergo, and Recruiting is Job 1-10--the usual mantra in College Sports---- and then as most Coaches say when they win, they have the talent ----and of course a whole row of assistants with plastic white boards that can draw up X's and O'x...and the NUMBER ONE HIRING CRITERIA IS RECRUITING AND GETTING TALENT.......and if Stephen Donahue now has serious Jobs 1-10 deficiencies----- how is he gonna start to get the talent all over America for the classes of 2011-2012 and beyond---- if that resume problem is now being bandied about as a major weakness in the press and a concern?

Is it me? I am confused?

If you can't recruit the ACC level of talent now at an Ivy League small in the middle of no where New York, and you have serious communication recruiting issues as being printed about-----and you have a high profile ACC #1 basketball Conference opening, I mean would not recruiting be the key factor, the tipping point, the trigger for bringing in talent to Boston College as the number one hiring reason for the new "plush" opening Boston College?

We are not the mostly brainy white kids at Cornell, or say a Duke very very light, so how is Stephen Donahue going to communicate not just with the All American kids who go to Duke--- BUT the biggest pool of talent, America's black kids in the hood?

Help an old senile, geriatric drunk figure this out?

You need to recruit big time ACC talent to finally rid yourself of a Lazy Elvis recruiter.....and you hire a guy from a lower level conference, --and IVY LEAGUER NO LESS---, and now you expect him to take a huge quantum leap into the brutal recruiting wars all over America, ....and NOW!! have serious doubts about his recruiting skills, ability and his communication and persuasion personality to bring that talent to Boston College?

Wow, I am really confused? It must be me.

GDF always knows what he is doing. (Sarcasm!) ****** Posted on the Eagle Outsider, word for word.

I would link the thread but its not safe, but the next posts by me asking Bruce Pearl to help Donahue recruit with VOL Cheerleaders is hysterical. ****

I have even amazed myself...NOT!

Simply one of the greatest 100 posts in BC Blogging history and yes, your humble genius 74 has the other 99!

When 74 is in the House, then you are at the BC Nexus!

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