"The Book" Top 20 - Week of November 9, 2013

FSU flip flops with Alabama again to re-take #1, Eagles 19 point favorites at NM State on Saturday

Florida State recaptured the top spot in the weekly Book Top 20 by virtue of their win over previously undefeated (and highly overrated) Miami. In general, not a lot of movement this week, with the same 20 teams who were in last week's poll making up this week's.

BC's win over Virginia Tech moved the Eagles to #10 in the ACC and established them as 19 point favorites in Las Cruces against New Mexico State. Personally, I think that number is way too low and BC will roll, but let's see. The Book, despite its success this season overall, has not been good picking BC games, just 1-5 on the season with the Villanova game having no spread and the Wake Forest game having the same spread as Las Vegas. The Book did pick the right side of the coin this week, taking the Eagles against the Hokies.

Overall, a solid week against the point spread, going 25-20 .556 with 4 the same, putting us at 237-206-8 .534 with 28 the same for the season to date.

The first or second week in November though has traditionally been a week where the Book has struggled against the spread. The spreads seem to get way out of whack and it is not uncommon to throw in a low or sub 40% week in here...let's see what happens.

The Week's Top 20

  1. Florida State 8-0
  2. Alabama 8-0
  3. Oregon 8-0
  4. Ohio State 9-0
  5. Baylor 7-0
  6. Arizona State 6-2
  7. Wisconsin 6-2
  8. Missouri 8-1
  9. Stanford 7-1
  10. Clemson 8-1
  11. Texas A&M 7-2
  12. Oklahoma State 7-1
  13. Michigan State 8-1
  14. Louisville 7-1
  15. Louisiana State 7-2
  16. South Carolina 7-2
  17. Brigham Young 6-2
  18. Auburn 8-1
  19. Central Florida 6-1
  20. Texas 6-2

Others receiving votes: USC, Utah State

  1. Florida State 8-0 1 in the country
  2. Clemson 8-1 10
  3. Miami 7-1 27
  4. Georgia Tech 6-3 31
  5. North Carolina 3-5 42
  6. Duke 6-2 48
  7. Virginia Tech 6-3 51
  8. Syracuse 4-4 56
  9. Wake Forest 4-5 64
  10. Boston College 4-4 66
  11. Maryland 5-3 69
  12. Pittsburgh 4-4 70
  13. NC State 3-5 78
  14. Virginia 2-7 102

Point Spreads for the Week: Top 20

  • at Baylor 18 Oklahoma
  • Oregon 7 at Stanford
  • Louisville 28 at Connecticut
  • Florida State 26 at Wake Forest
  • Missouri 19 at Kentucky
  • at Wisconsin 9 Brigham Young
  • Texas 13 at West Virginia
  • Arizona State 15 at Utah
  • at Oklahoma State 31 Kansas
  • at Texas A&M 19 Mississippi State
  • Auburn 9 at Tennessee
  • at Central Florida 9 Houston
  • at Alabama 16 LSU

Point Spreads for the week: ACC

  • at Duke 12 North Carolina State
  • at Miami 9 Virginia Tech
  • at North Carolina 20 Virginia
  • Notre Dame 7 at Pittsburgh
  • at Maryland E Syracuse
  • Boston College 19 at New Mexico State

Have a great week and Go Eagles!!

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