First Agenda Item:

It is now time to capitalize on the Football success and AW Heisman frenzy push and do what other Universities do and lease a NetJets for the Dazzler and that magnetic staff and go all over America and bring home some talent for 2014 and beyond.


Look what RG3 did for Baylor and that new $300M+ gorgeous stadium and Johnny Manziel and the $480M, 110K+ stadium for Texas A&M and their huge recruiting hauls this year and beyond.

BC is better than those schools!

More importantly, as I have been saying for 11 years we are the greatest University in the Galaxy, but we need a complete infrastructure renovation which may alleviate other problems!

AW, whether he wins or comes close in the Heisman and before the BC Strategic Plan is released, either my two phased Strategic Plan proposal posted 4X here and below here, or some better capital business plan, needs to be re-sent to the people I sent it to McG, Leahy, Sullivan, Zola, Bates, Armstrong and Boynton, by the collective fans here, or then you get what you deserve in life and you have failed BC.

Now is the time before BC possibly releases some inadequate Strategic Plan!

BC has $2B, the interest hurdle rates are low and will be for years with the present FED policies, the land is secured, the lower mods and Rec-Plex can be leveled and replaced elsewhere or re-planned.

BC has so many great options and avenues for success!

We need all new Athletic Facilities and to invest $350M minimum. AW might have some Flutie effect, win or lose, and I am sure people will donate to a new BC Strategic initiative now with the Football success.

We need a new Leader to step up and make this happen and run with the ball like AW. Time to step-up and let BC know we need some new or present Visionary Leader who will make these changes.

No more excuses.

March 2013:

Dear Father Leahy, SJ, Ms. McGillcuddy, Ms. Armstrong and the BC Board of Trustees,

One of the Boston College "Light the World" campaign initiatives in the mission statement was to erect buildings and new facilities. BC has done a magnificent job raising donations with the endowment over the years and has now accumulated close to $2 billion. Over the past few decades Alumni Stadium, Conte Forum, the twice collapsed athletics Bubble and other BC athletic facilities and infrastructures have not only become obsolete, but most are in major need of huge renovations, upgrades and much needed improvements.

Boston College needs a new comprehensive vision and well thought out revised Strategic Plan to develop and invest in our athletic infrastructures in order to remain competitive and maintain our standing as a major collegiate athletics destination and premier top tier university with spectacular new athletic structures so that we can Ever to Excel in competition.

A major BC capital athletics improvement plan is especially urgent now with the fast changing American university landscapes with the current athletics explosion coupled with the huge new revenue streams coming in from joining the ACC and the expansion of the TV sports programming platforms. The recruiting competition for athletic talent that leads to these new ever increasing athletics revenues from successful sports programs is also intensifying and BC’s present facilities are a now a major recruiting drawback.

That all important first look impression perception from any BC recruit will continue to get worse as compared to our peers with our ACC competition rivals initiating and completing new athletic structures and indoor practice facilities, ergo, BC is in dire need of a new major capital improvements plan that is a long term solution implementation.

BC has been blessed with an estimated now 55 easily usable magnificent acres with the Brighton campus and we are all proud of the accomplishments of the BC Leaders in securing that prime parcel of real estate.

Here is my modest suggestions using the latest stadium and arena and indoor practice facility cost estimates, but I am sure BC Planning and Assessment Group can do a much better for our BC!

Winter and Summer Year 1: Alumni Stadium East Side $150M

Use a current construction plan recently used at a major university and renovate one side of Alumni in Year 1 with huge new multiple rings of luxury boxes, new seats, with wide plazas and variety of new vendor revenue generating concessions, merchandise kiosks with training areas and rehabilitation facilities.

The luxury boxes could also be used as high tech classrooms and indoor tailgating catered hosting which addresses another major BC fan attendance issue.

Spring and Summer Year 2: Alumni Stadium Conte Forum Side $150M

Renovate and upgrade the Alumni/Conte Forum side and only the one side of the interior of Conte Forum so fans can view basketball and hockey games during the early part of the next season if construction is not complete, and then complete renovations after the season. If necessary, scheduling adjustments and other venues are also an option.

Present: Indoor Practice and Athletics Center $50M

A state-of-the-art Indoor Practice facility on the Brighton Campus. This is where no expense should be spared since BC is home of one the highest number of NCAA sports in America, and we have the expansive room at Brighton. Rowing machines, batting cages, a fencing area, and workout area with an indoor track could be just some of the added features with a new outdoor track around the facility.

In summary, my estimated guess of a BC athletics $350M to $275M capital investment, with new lucrative stadium naming rights revenue, a new Welles Crowther soccer field name donations fund, increased fan attendance and ticket price increases, the BC "Light the World" donation box might be filled rather quickly and well exceed the required capital investment funding.

With BC’s power alums, the naming rights could return high 8 figure annual rights especially with the corporations flush with cash today and in search of new high profile marketing and publicity exposures. With a 2-3 year plan, BC could ignite new fan support and interest and ask that alums use the flexible "Light the World" fund raising vehicle as the platform to solicit the same type of avalanche of donations that came with the explosion of BC Eagle pride with the Flutie Heisman effect, and if BC has another miracle football run like in 2007, we all know how alumni donations increase with football excellence.

**I adjusted costs due to recent stadium renovations in America.

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