The Book Top 20 - Week of November 23, 2013

FSU strengthens grip on #1, Baylor passes Bama for #2. Eagles hover in similar area as last week, 2 point underdog at Maryland this week.

After dreading what has become a yearly early November dive, The Book took an unexpected, but very good turn and had its best week of the season to date, going 29-17 .630 with 4 games the same. This raises the overall record for the year to 295-242-8 .549 with 34 games the same.

One of the games that was the same this past were was the BC-NC State contest, so for the season now, it is 2-5 with two games the same and one (Villanova) it offered no spread against when picking Eagle games.

The results of the week were very favorable to Florida State and Baylor. FSU's romp over the Orange has taken them to an all time Book rating high and will make them a ...get this...69 point favorite this week against lowly Idaho! This too is an all time record, in this case for largest point spread. Baylor benefited from Alabama's struggles and moved in front of the Tide for the number two spot.

BC on the other hand didn't move much at all. They are still #10 in the ACC and up slightly to #64 in the country. Just to note that Jeff Sagarin's ratings have BC at #57 with two FCS schools in North Dakota State and Eastern Illinois in front of them as well. ND State actually reached the overall top 25 of Sagarin this week coming in at #24.

Interesting conference of the year this year...the MAC! The top of the MAC is probably as strong as it has ever been and although no teams make this week's top 20, several are close with Northern Illinois (#28), Bowling Green (#29), Buffalo (#40) and Ball State (#66) all having really stellar seasons. On the other side of course, there are the bad MAC teams, with Eastern Michigan, Western Michigan, UMass and Miami OH all below the Book Mendoza line and Central Michigan and Akron hovering just above.

ESPN has it's famous weekly, Bottom 10, thought it might be fun this week to look at the Book bottom 10. Remember it's backwards!!

The Bottom 10

  1. Southern Mississippi
  2. Florida International
  3. Idaho
  4. Eastern Michigan
  5. Miami OH
  6. Massachusetts
  7. Georgia State
  8. Alabama-Birmingham
  9. Western Michigan
  10. New Mexico State

the waiting list: Texas-El Paso, Louisiana Tech, Air Force, Army, New Mexico, Hawaii, California and Georgia's secondary (knock the ball down guys..not up)

The Top 20

  1. Florida State 10-0
  2. Baylor 9-0
  3. Alabama 10-0
  4. Oregon 9-1
  5. Ohio State 10-0
  6. Wisconsin 8-2
  7. Oklahoma State 9-1
  8. Arizona State 8-2
  9. Missouri 9-1
  10. Stanford 8-2
  11. Clemson 9-1
  12. Michigan State 9-1
  13. Auburn 10-1
  14. Texas A&M 8-2
  15. USC 8-3
  16. Louisville 9-1
  17. BYU 7-3
  18. LSU 7-3
  19. South Carolina 8-2
  20. Boise State 7-3

Others: Oklahoma


  1. Florida State 10-0
  2. Clemson 9-1
  3. Duke 8-2
  4. Georgia Tech 6-4
  5. North Carolina 5-5
  6. Virginia Tech 7-4
  7. Miami 7-3
  8. Syracuse 5-5
  9. Pittsburgh 5-5
  10. Boston College 6-4
  11. Maryland 6-4
  12. Wake Forest 4-6
  13. NC State 3-7
  14. Virginia 2-8

Top 20 Spreads

  • at Florida State 69 Idaho
  • at Ohio State 29 Indiana
  • Michigan State 12 at Northwestern
  • Wisconsin 16 at Minnesota
  • at Louisville 24 Memphis
  • Arizona State 6 at UCLA
  • USC 25 at Colorado
  • at LSU 1 Texas A&M
  • Oregon 19 at Arizona
  • at Stanford 38 California
  • BYU 5 at Notre Dame
  • Baylor 3 at Oklahoma State
  • Missouri 9 at Mississippi
  • Boise State 15 at San Diego State


  • at Syracuse 4 Pittsburgh
  • East Carolina 12 at NC State
  • Duke 9 at Wake Forest
  • at Maryland 2 Boston College
  • at Miami 19 Virginia

All the spreads this week seem to be very, very large in favor of the favorite. First time all year I recall seeing it to this extent.
Enjoy your week and Go Eagles!!

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