The Book Top 20 - Week of November 16, 2013

Florida State rout keeps Noles at #1, Oregon down to #5 after loss. Eagles 7 point favorite vs NC State with bowl eligibility on the line.

The Book had a great Saturday, going 29-19 .604 for the week with two spreads the same as Las Vegas and now stands at 266-225-8 .541 with 30 games the same for the year. For the second week in a row, it correctly chose the right side of the BC game, picking the Aggies to cover (+19). It was also right on some of the really big games throughout the country including correctly picking the Baylor-Oklahoma, Oregon-Stanford and Alabama-LSU contests.

Florida State's rout of Wake Forest kept FSU atop the weekly poll, followed by Alabama, Baylor and Ohio State. Oregon's loss hurt the Ducks and helped the Stanford Cardinal less than it probably will in the major polls, with the Ducks only dropping to 5 and the Cardinal standing pat at 9.

New teams in this week include USC, in for the first time all season at 7-3 and Kansas State, who is in despite a 5-4 record. Both have made major strides over the last 4-5 weeks of the season. This is where you have to keep in mind, the Book is about relative comparison of teams, and not strictly based on record.

SC and K-State replace Texas and Central Florida who slid just outside the Top 20 despite wins.

Of note are the teams in the major polls top 25 who do not appear in our poll and where they sit. UCLA #13 AP, is #25 in ours. UCF #15 is #21 in ours. Fresno State #16 with the AP is at #23 in the Book. Northern Illinois sitting at #20 is all the way down at #32. Oklahoma #22 in the AP is at #28. Texas ranking #21 is #22 in the Book. Miami who has been proven somewhat of a fraud in the past two weeks, but called out as so by the book, is at #24 in the AP, but only #48 with us and #25 Georgia is #29 in our calculations.

Boston College's less than impressive win in Las Cruces didn't make much impact on the Eagles relative standing. BC still sits at #10 in the ACC and now #68 in the country. BC will be a 7 point favorite on Saturday at Alumni vs North Carolina State as they look to gain bowl eligibility for the first time in three years. As of right now, this will be the last time that they will be favored in the regular season. The Eagles would be a 1 point underdog at Maryland and now up to a 10 point underdog at it stands to reason getting that sixth win now would be a good way to go.

The Top 20

  1. Florida State 9-0
  2. Alabama 9-0
  3. Baylor 8-0
  4. Ohio State 9-0
  5. Oregon 8-1
  6. Missouri 9-1
  7. Arizona State 7-2
  8. Wisconsin 7-2
  9. Stanford 9-1
  10. Oklahoma State 8-1
  11. Clemson 8-1
  12. Auburn 9-1
  13. Texas A&M 8-2
  14. Michigan State 8-1
  15. Louisville 8-1
  16. USC 7-3
  17. South Carolina 7-2
  18. LSU 7-3
  19. Brigham Young 6-3
  20. Kansas State 5-4

Others receiving votes: Central Florida


  1. Florida State 9-0
  2. Clemson 8-1
  3. Georgia Tech 6-3
  4. Virginia Tech 7-3
  5. North Carolina 4-5
  6. Duke 7-2
  7. Miami 7-2
  8. Syracuse 5-4
  9. Pittsburgh 5-4
  10. Boston College 5-4
  11. Maryland 5-4
  12. Wake Forest 4-6
  13. North Carolina St 3-6
  14. Virginia 2-8

Top 20 picks for the week

  • at #1 Florida State 31 Syracuse
  • #2 Alabama 24 at Mississippi State
  • at #3 Baylor 28 Texas Tech
  • #4 Ohio State 30 at Illinois
  • at #5 Oregon 16 Utah
  • at #7 Arizona State 15 Oregon State
  • at #8 Wisconsin 20 Indiana
  • #9 Stanford 1 at #16 USC
  • #10 Oklahoma St 3 at Texas
  • at #11 Clemson 11 Georgia Tech
  • at #12 Auburn 11 Georgia
  • #14 Michigan St 3 at Nebraska
  • at #15 Louisville 11 Houston
  • at #17 South Carolina 11 Florida
  • at #20 Kansas St 18 TCU


  • at Boston College 7 North Carolina St
  • at Virginia Tech 14 Maryland
  • North Carolina 4 at Pittsburgh
  • at Duke 3 Miami FL

Have a great week and Go Eagles!!

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